hartke 3500a speaker outputs

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  1. I'm planning to get an Hartke 3500a.

    I noticed in the user's manual that this head has two 1/4 speaker
    outputs, of 8 ohms each one, it seems (?).

    If I plug a 4 ohm cabinet (350 watts) to one of them will I get the
    full 350 watts of the head?

    If not, how could I get those, and would it be prejudicial for the amp/cab?

    I emailed Hartke but they didn't respond to me yet.

    Thank you for replying!
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    if you plug a 4 ohm cab into to either you'll get the 4 ohm load = full juice!! :D

    you're gonna dig the head, I'm runnin' one myself, lovin' it!

  3. ExaltBass

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    Sep 28, 2006
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    ABSOLUTELY!!! :cool: (same here)