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SOLD Hartke 410XL, local sale only (DC metro/Northern VA)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by bassman_al, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. Up for sale is my beloved Hartke 410XL. I posted it on CL here, so I'll paste the text from that ad, which includes links for photos. Here are some pics. I know most of the TB community knows this cab, so just ignore the parts that you already know. Thanks! I usually go by the "2/3 of retail" rule of thumb. New these are $350, so how about $230 for this one.

    "Up for sale is my Hartke 410XL. It has been my main cab for the past 20 years, and has sounded great the entire time. It is an 8 ohm cabinet and is rated at 240 watts. The newer versions are rated at 400, and I am not sure what the difference is. I have played it through a Hartke 3500, GK 400RB and my current Ampeg SVT III Pro. All sounded great. The cab weighs about 88 lbs, which is the only reason I am selling it. I have decided to combine my other Hartke, a 210XL with a 46 lb. Trace Eliot 15" cab in an effort to save my back. I may regret this change, but time will tell.

    This cab sounds great. Cosmetically it is in excellent shape, particularly for a 20 year old cab. The grill has some very faint discoloration that nobody but me would ever notice. The carpet covering came loose in the back, so I re-glued it and stapled it down for good measure. It has always been stored with its cover, which comes with it.

    I baby all my equipment. This cab has only done local shows, never been in any vehicle other than my car and never been more than 3 hours from my house. I used it for shows only, so it wasn't dragged back and forth from practice to my house. I have done probably 200-300 or so shows with it. I play about 1-2 gigs a month on average, with some periods where I was not playing at all in a band.

    In addition to the pics here, there are some more at
    and if that isn't enough for you, I took about 20 more that I can send you. But I think you'll be able to see from the pics here that this cabinet has been well cared for.

    Here is how it sounds live in action. Pardon the lousy bass playing and the rough video... This cab gets a great punchy tone, can always be heard in the mix, and just kicks butt in any band situation. I have probably been in 20 different playing situations live, in the past 20 years. This cab got the job done and more in each of them.

    Serious offers only, please. Thanks!"
  2. come on now, I know someone out there is dying to find the right deal to go from a smaller cab to one this size. Perfect cab for a strong back. Or even a weak one like mine!
  3. Still have it if anyone wants to make an offer!
  4. I would make an offer, but I dont want to embarass myself
  5. come on now, don't be shy. The worst I can say is no thanks.

    I do have an offer from another TB-er for a trade for an Epifani PS112 that I think I may accept as long as I can convince my wife that she should say yes. I was able to do that when I proposed, I figure I can pull it off again. But for now I am still taking $ offers too.

  6. narcopolo


    Sep 12, 2005
    richmond, va
    i pmed you bout it
  7. PM replied
  8. Traded to slejhamer. Thanks Mitch!

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