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Hartke 7000 ???

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by oldfclefer, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. oldfclefer

    oldfclefer low ended

    May 5, 2005
    Southern Ohio
    Does anyone know anything about the Hartke 7000?
    I've been looking at split hybrids lately incl. the Eden World Tour 800, the Ampeg SVT-5 Pro, and in my research I stumbled on this Hartke model.
    Can someone fill me in about the Hartke?
  2. Unchain

    Unchain I've seen footage.

    Jun 20, 2005
    Tucson, AZ
    From the Hartke Website:

    Designed with more control in mind. Virtually unlimited tone-shaping and plenty of power for maximum headroom in any playing situation. Selectable tube and solid state preamps for a rainbow of new tone colors. Pinpoint equalization, tone control and compression to fine-tune each sound. Built rugged, each amp is known for the clean, high-impact sound that put Hartke on the map.

    350 watts per side at 4 ohms/240 watts per side at 8 ohms. Biamp or mono full range operation. Selectable tube & solid state preamps. Bass & treble Contour controls and 10-band Graphic EQ. Adjustable compression. Variable active crossover w/ balance control. Balanced XLR output.

    Power: 350 Watts Per Side at 4 Ohms
    240 Watts Per Side at 8 Ohms
    Selectable Tube & Solid-State Preamps
    Rotary Bass & Treble Contour Controls
    10-Band Graphic Eq
    Adjustable Compression
    Variable Active Crossover W/ Balance Control
    Balanced XLR Out
    Total Harmonic Distortion: Less Than 1% At Rated Power
    Signal-To-Noise: Approx. 78 dBm
    Biamp Or Mono Full-Range Operation
    D.C. Brushless Fan-Cooled
    Effects Send & Return
    Bipolar Design
    Passive/Active Input Jack
    Dimensions: 2U Space, 13" Deep
  3. I've had one for around 10 years, although it hasn't been my main amp for some time. It's good gear, if you've got two cabs to power, because its two internal amps cannot be bridged to provide max power to only one cab. Other than that, it'd be good to find a used one. Harke has apparently discontinued both the 7000 and the 5000. All they needed to do was up the channel wattage on the 7000 to 400-500 watts and make it bridgeable, and they'd have sold a mess of 'em! Now they've settled for the 5500 and 3500 in their wooden amp-head boxes. Funny company. I always mounted mine in a Grundorf Club series (=cheap) two-space wooden rack, with no problems.
  4. protoz


    Nov 30, 2000
    Old Hartke 7000 with the Transient Attack are great (I had a '92 5000 with the same features)

    The new ones I have heard sound quite sterile and not much punch like my old Hartke

    If you are looking at hybrids check out:
    Sunn 1200S
    Fender Bassman 1200
    Same amp but it's 1200 watts. I have the 1200S and I love it. Loud, versitile and not too heavy (~30lbs)
  5. Bangladesh


    Mar 14, 2011
    I have a hartke 7000 and have been using it with a ampeg BTX 4x10. However, I have been contemplating adding a 8 ohm avatar 2x10. Can anyone of you suggest if I can run a 4 ohm and a 8 ohm cab in stereo mode? Any thoughts will help.
  6. Ha, this thread hasn't used since 2005. Wow. I used to have a 5000. I ran a 4 ohm 810 or 410 on the high side of the crossover, and an 8 ohm 15 on the low side. Sometimes I would bridge it into the 810.