Hartke B60 Combo

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    Apr 19, 2001
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    Hartke B60 Combo

    60 watts
    1 12" Speaker

    Very nice amp. Had it for about 2 years, works perfectly. No major scratches or chips.

    The only major problem is both inputs are loose, one more severly than the other. One i accidentally stepped on the instrument cable which pushed up inside the amp breaking the input off the board. the other the nut came off the front and i cant find it and have yet to replace it.

    I will fix it if you are not the mechanical type, or are just lazy. Fixing it wont cost very much, just a new input and a nut, and can be fixed at home if you know how to solder. (note, im the lazy type so i havent done anything yet, since i dont use this amp anymore)

    i paid 250 for it, and will sell it for 160 as is, or 185 fixed.