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hartke bass attack?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by christobass 416, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. I did a search, and didn't really find much discussion about this thing....

    I may buy one in the future, but I was wondering if it is used as a pre-amp, or an EQ pedal. I plan on buying a few effects, and a cab. Will I be able to plug the bass attack right into the cab? Also, would I put the bass attack first or last in my chain?

  2. nothing?:bawl:
  3. Well, the meaning of the word(s) pre-amp has (have) been somewhat obscured recently. A true bass pre-amp can be that which takes your low level instrument signal and amplifies it sufficiently so you can plug directly into a Line level input on a power amp. Recently, "pre-amp" has been used to describe pedals that possess similar tone shaping controls as a "real" pre-amp.

    Is it an EQ pedal? I would not call it that, as to me an EQ pedal is akin to the Boss EQ pedals. Is it a preamp? Well, no; However, some might call it that, and given the appropriate cues most bassists would know what they are talking about. Some folks are leaning towards calling such devices "tone shapers" or similar. However, that takes us back full circle, because what is an EQ pedal if it is not a tone shaper?!?!


    Probably. Will it make a sound? Absolutely not.

    These kinds of questions can only be answered:
    - when you know what other pedals you will be using
    - by subjective listening to determine your own preferences.

    Ultimately it comes down to your own opinion, so what any of us thinks probably doesn't really matter.
  4. I had the hartke bass attack pedal for about a year, when i first got it i loved what it did for my tone. Do not get me wrong i wasn't working with cheap equipment. I had an ibanez ergodyne edb600, with ampeg b5r-head going through an ampeg 4x10 cabinet(classic). it shaped it well but if you wanted to turn it off, it totally muffeled and killed the amps tone itself. You plug straight into the amp itself and you get you actually amp and cabinet tone. So in a way it is a DI, but you can't actually turn it off, just the effects and shape.

    I then was getting tired of the tone, and a buddy of mine had the Sans Amp bass driver, and i tried it while we were in the studio, instantly fell in love with the tone that it gave me, and it did allow you to turn it off if you wanted and gives it way more balls then the hartke. So if your looking for something to excite your bass, hartke will work, but i have a feeling you'll try a sans amp bass driver and like it much better.


    your bass will come first, and then plug into the hartke bass attack, and whatever other effects you may have, and then to the amp,..... if you need anything else pm me and i'll try to answer to the best of my ability.

  5. I use it as a preamp/tone shaper/whatever for my AI Clarus. The Clarus really doesn't quite cut it for loud rock music and the Hartke does a good job of adding some bottom and grit to the tone. The only time I don't run it first in the signal chain is if I'm running a synth or octave pedal, which needs to hear the fundamental clearly.

    I made a thread awhile ago with some clips of it, btw.

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