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  1. My first post :hyper: , hope I didn't miss this issue in the hiding in the searches :crying: .

    I have finally started to figure out what sound I want to get with my rig. The problem is I have been abusing it for the last three years. I broke the contour knobs off moving a while back and never fixed them :crying: . I guess now I feel like I would like to have them, but I'm cheap and would like to do this myself. Is this something a master mechanic/ ok electrcian could do :help: ? Does anyone know where to the get the knobs? I don't care if they look the same. I think it would be cool to be diff. anyway. Can I mod this at the same time? I know very little about the circuitry so this may be way off.

    Thanks in advance. I have been lurking and learning for several days now and am looking forward to my first replacement tube whenever 4 to 7 working days is over (I bought three different types for different sounds). :bag:
  2. Trying to recycle here.
    Any thoughts?
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    Welcome aboard!!!

    If you know how to solder (with a soldering pencil...25 wattish) you should be fine.

    You can replace the potentiometers with the same value...it will be stamped on the back. The letter A or B refers to the taper (audio, linear, etc.) and it's best to replace it with the same value and taper.

    You can get parts from Hartke (Samson) www.samsontech.com Give them a call.

    Otherwise, you might be able to find replacements on www.mouser.com among others.

    Knobs are always a pain, originals from Samson, non-originals from a number of places; mouser, digikey, newark electronics, etc. Since there always seem to be knobs missing from the Hartkes on demo at Sam Ash, I guess I know where a lot of folks get their replacements...pretty darn ridiculous...
  4. I guess I'll try to get in touch with Hartke, again, and have them send me out some potentiometers. I hope they come with the knobs, I threw them into the vast unknown when I found out that the shaft to the potentiometer was still in there. I think the extra dollar or two that I pay will pay off when everything fits the first time.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'll go pick up a soldering pencil so that I can throw away the 15+ year old gun that I have been refusing to throw away. I haven't done much soldering, and less lately, any suggestions on what to practice with? I have a computer motherboard that is toast that I can use. Maybe I'll just try to dissassemble and reassemble each componant.