Hartke HA4000

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    Mar 14, 2001
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    "Mods forgive me if this is wrong, and by no means is this a sales pitch, just a question to other bass players." I just finished listing my Hartke HA4000 on Ebay for a second week and the bidding only went up to $202. I had a $300 reserve on it boh times and no dice. It's in a 4 space skb case and has no issues, wouldn't you guys think this thing is worth at least $300? Or are these amps totaly worthless? I'm really confused, I was able to sell all of my cabs, but I'm stuck with this head. Is there any hope for this amp or should I just keep it as a backup? I'm looking at a GK 700RBII 210 combo, but wouldn't it be a losing deal to give the guy at the music store $300 cash and this head for trade? What do you guys think. It seems like a bit of a loss to me to go from 410's 115 and a 400watt head to a GK210 combo for pretty much an even swap, but what do I know.
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    Sep 7, 2000
    EBay is weird like that! You'll see a couple of "insert gear name here" go for high prices one week and then just about nothing the next week.

    Perhaps wait until after Christmas when aspiring bassists have some money to spend. Beyond that, people spend when their tax returns come back and then early in the summer for summer gigs...at least that's my observation.

    The HA-4000 is a great amp....but the lack of tube might not lure in as many buyers (but I personally prefer the HA-4000's preamp to the one in my former HA-5000).

    IIRC, $300 is about what they go for.

    BTW, I looked at closed auctions and couldn't find your amp... What's the link for the auction?