Hartke HA5000 + Peavey 410TVX

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  1. I'll be getting a new rig for Xmas, as my current Combo 115 is a little inflexible at the moment, weight and tone wise. I was looking at a Max 700 + 410TVX, but the lack of rackmounting, weight, no graphic EQ and no Bi-Amp option put me off. The 7000 is a bit too expensive for me at £650. The good Hartke cabs (XL and above) are all £400+ and I don't have a grand to spend, only around £800. This figure includes the sale of my Combo 115. I tried the 5000 with a 410XL and a 115BXL, and it was very nice, very clean and articulation. I removed the 1x15 in testing(as I can't afford two cabs just yet) and the sound was way too thin for my taste, due to the aluminium drivers. I talked it over with my friend who works at the store and we both agreed that the 410TVX would have a better low end and low mids, and the tweeter would take care of any treble I'd need. I just wanted to know if any of you were running this setup and had comments, or if any of you owned either the cab or the amp and had any comments on what I'm buying.


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    hartke could possibly be a bad move....they are great when they work (which wont be that long from some of my buddies experiances)
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    Jan 28, 2000
    If you plan to use single 4ohm TVX410, you might want to consider Hartke 3500 - which is the rig I currently have.

    The 5000 model is 2x250w, so that only one 250w going into your cab and way less than that if it's an 8ohm cab. 3500 is 350w into 4ohms and 240w into 8ohm.
  4. I'm getting the 4 Ohm 410TVX, and I'm definitely going to add a 15 or a 4x10 in the future, which is why I like the biamp option. The 250W into the 410XL was ear shattering, and I've heard that Hartke's are louder than their wattages suggest, so loudness isn't a factor really as most places I play have full P.A. support and I'll go direct from the D.I. on the Hartke.
  5. Go for the 410TVX my friend. I have one too (8 Ohm) and use it with my Ampeg SVT-3 Pro. I love the sound. Very low and still punchy. Not too bright but that's what I like. I set the tweeter knob on 12 o' clock.
  6. Next time I hit that store I might ask to try out the 5000 with the Peavey 115BXBW and see what the sound is like compared to the 115BXL, hopefully the same differences will hold true between the 410XL and the 410TVX.