Hartke HA5500 problem

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by eldorado2001, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. Hello. A few months ago I bought a (new) Hartke HA5500. It was/is a good upgrade from my previous amp, but on 3 occasions it has cut out while I'm playing, and would come back on after being shut off for 30-40 seconds. I don't believe I run the amp hard enough to cause overheating. My master vol is never above 4, and the preamps are never above 5. I thought the compression circuit could be the cause, but it has cut out with the compression disabled, too. I didn't see much negative about this amp before buying it. Hartke's warranty service dept told me turnaround could take 6 weeks. I'm not impressed. Have any of you had a similar experience with this model? Thanks.
  2. That is very strange. Is the fan running correctly and is there good airflow with it? If not this could cause the amp to overheat.

    Is it connected to a load that is less than 4Ω ? That can also cause overheating.
  3. I'd have to conclude that most ppl have had good results with this amp. I haven't checked ohms with a meter but my cabs = 4 ohms total, there is no obstruction to airflow, and the fan seems to be moving plenty of air. I'll just have to send it off to Hartke and let them try to make it fail. And then I guess I'll buy a different amp, because in my experience this type of intermittent problem is likely not gonna get fixed.