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hartke heads

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by ebenismyhero, May 5, 2002.

  1. i need help

    im planning to buy a hartke head, and i need to decide between the 3000 and the 3500. im playing in a basement band, but were warming up to smaller clubs and outdoor venues. would i need the extra watts that the 3500 puts out? also, is the graphic eq that much better than the rotary knobs? i currently play through a 120w Crate combo, and the limit light stays constantly on, and i get a bit of unwanted overdrive. my money is a bit tight. also im am buying an avatar 115 8ohm bottom cab followed by a 210. what should i buy?:confused:
  2. ndjx


    Oct 26, 2001
    I recently had a chance to play the HA3000 and HA3500 at Mars and the HA3500 sounded much better in my opinion. The more watts for bass of course the better. I would definitely recommend the HA3500 and if you can afford it get the HA5000 or even the HA7000 being you're getting a 1x15 the crossover on those will make the lows go more towards the 1x15 and the highs to the 2x10. It'll sound much better.
  3. Hi:
    I have a 3500 Hartke head, and have been playing it for about 10yrs. Its plenty loud. Remember that the 3500 is 350watts @4ohm, not 8ohms. So unless you driving a bunch of cabs your pushing a little under 240watt. I power a 1X15 and 2X10 hartke extension cab, and its plenty loud for small clubs (and even a big club we played recently). In the basement you'll be lucky to turn it past 5.
    As far as the EQ's it very nice. Personally i leave it off. My basses all have nice EQ's, w/ that said, i do set up the eq for a particular sound (like a reggae tune) and activate it for that song. To me what is more useful is the contour knobs. If you get into a lively room or worse a dead room, you can adjust the tone of the head to fit in better (more boomy, less boomy, etc), i use these knobs alot when setting up.
    The compressor is useless IMO, you have to turn it up fairly high to activate it and then it squashes your signal. So I have no quams saying the 3500 is good/useful. I don't have much experience w/ the 3000 except to say it sounded nice in the music store when i was playing thru it.
    my opinon
  4. Quadzilla

    Quadzilla Supporting Member

    ndjx is right. Getting the HA 7000 made a world of difference because of the crossover/individual gain adjustments to each cabs (the HA 5000 would work well here also). When I had my HA 3500, the 15" cab would over power the 4x10" because equal current was going to each cab and the 15 takes less power to make it louder than a 4x10, thus drowing the 4x10 out. If you are going with multi cabs, get the 5000 or 7000. The crossover also helps a bunch as well. I send <80 htz to the 1x15 and <80 to the 4x10...