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Hartke kickback 15

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by bassist31588, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. How are these? My school owns one and I've used it before and sounds really great. But has anyone ever had bad experiences with them? and what was the loudest you've turned it up to? what about a low B on it?

    Compare it to a b120 120 watt combo amp with the 2 12's (because that's what I own). The one at school is pretty beat up with a bad power input (loses power contact when you "kick back"). Despite its abuse, it's got a solid sound. I just want to hear your reviews, and comparisons to my b120. How loud does it get and when does it start to bottom out if it does? Unfortunately I cant just plug my bass in and check how loud it gets at school jazz band:D :( ...

    Just wanna hear your comments complaints... I've been checking Harmony Central's reviews on this.
    Would it be wiser to get the hartke 3500 or 2000 with an avatar 15? or would this kickback compare well?

    I've played through these atSamash and love them, and it gives a really thick tone in jazz band that I dig. I'm not the electric bassist for my school's jazz band, I play upright for school, but Im mainly an electrician;) :)

    Lemme hear your stories. Plus it's in my price range... I could probably use my 2x12 as a back-up. The 2x12 is bulkier but lighter by alot, and plus a 15 handles a low B better, and with the aluminum cone on this thing, I don't think a tweeter/horn is nesecary for defintion.
  2. I play through one at church... I thought I wouldn't like the aluminum coned speaker, but it's not bad. The unit is light, loud, and fairly versital. It's not the exact same model as you're talking about, it's NOT the kickback... but other than that it's pretty similar. The only thing I don't like is the compressor, it doesn't do much to help your sound. Other than that I like it alot.

    Just not enough to buy one myself. :D I went this way... it's lighter, louder, more versital, and sounds simply killer.
  3. Yeah, your talking about the14 something or something combo that has 140 watts and the hartke 2000 head in it? Yeah I've been hearing Sh*t about hartke's compression on their amps, and that just about turned me away from the 3500 head I was going to buy. I just think combos are versatile if they have enough headroom and tone. And we've never turned the kickback past 3 at jazz band and that was pretty loud for the ensemble (and this is a big band kinda). BOOMY mon! I love it... I'm gonna get it unless I find the SWR workingman 15 is better, and I'll see if it's worth saving my money a little while more. But I'm familiar with this ampa nd havent had bad experiences with it, so I'm probably going to buy one so I can say I own one. Although I'd rather Say I own an SWR 4004 head with an aluminum coned 15 hartke cab and a 2x10/4x10 cab by Avatar...

    Oh well, Avatar isnt expensive, but just a head->cab rig is not in my price range right now for a decent one. And whats wrong with a combo? Their supposed to be compact.:rolleyes: ;)