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Hartke LH1000/HX410 advice/thoughts

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by MattyH, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. MattyH


    Jul 20, 2010
    Long Island
    Hey guys. Just some quick questions I have to ask, and I'd love some experienced responses!

    So Im currently running an LH1000 with a Hydrive 410. It's a sexy looking rig, and I want to love it. I would even love another 410 to stack. The problem is I'm having a lot of trouble with it. I just can not get a good tone at all. I've gone through every setting in the book. Here are some questions.

    (I love punch, non muddy, clear yet buttery tone)

    1-Am I limiting myself with the LH1000? Do I need a head with a more extensive eq? I love the idea because I can stack another cab with ZERO problems with this head.

    2-Should I try running the full bridged load through the cab? I run through a PA so I usually only need stage volume and running it out of one of the 1/4 inch inputs is usually enough volume.

    3-Does anyone have any setting suggestions? I know the flat setting but maybe I'm missing some good combination. I use a Lakland 55-02.

    4-What's the point of the horn switch? I keep it off because it hisses if I turn it on. And I have a feeling if I engage it my tone would actually improve.

  2. MattyH


    Jul 20, 2010
    Long Island
    anyone out there? :bag:
  3. Hey Matty - I would definitely run it bridged ( if it were me ) Cab handles 1000W and at 8 OHMS, I think the LH1000 pushes 750W, so you're fine there...For settings, maybe try the Bass around 2 mids at 8 & treble maybe 6ish....Limiter on, Bright on - I leave my horns off as well, but try it each way ( I never noticed a big difference with either horn setting on stage - maybe it's more noticeable out in the room?? ). To your question #1 - the LH1000 is somewhat limiting on tonal options......but that is in the eyes ( or ears ) of the beholder! I too was looking for a little more....something, from mine...so I ran a multi effects pedal and it definitely gave it more pop & punch opposed to the straight amp tone - which worked fine.........but then I had to go and play through a Kilo.......needless to say my LH1000 is my back-up & my effects pedal is a glorified tuner....
  4. Flatbass


    Mar 13, 2004
    Can you describe what's missing from your rig? Is it definition, clarity, lows, highs, thickness...?

    LH1000 is a rather simpel head. If you can't find the sound you want with the 3-band EQ, bright switch or horn switch, it may not be the amp for you.
    I think the LH1000 sound could be described as 'punchy, non muddy, clear yet buttery', though.

    The tone of the amp doesn't radically change by bridging. If you can get enough volume without bridging, just leave it as it is.

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