Hartke LH1000 power switch failure

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  1. This thread is to help anyone down the road who might encounter a similar problem.

    I guess this might be fairly rare but my power switch in my LH1000 finally died, sometimes it would flash and eventually turn on or just flash and then got to the point where it just didn't turn on anymore. So I contact the Hartke people and they refer me to a parts place in Quebec (I'm in Canada) .. they can get me the switch .. it's 18 dollars plus 10 dollars shipping and a 90 day ETA!! No returns. 90 days possible wait to play my amp again! .. lol. Almost impossible to find the exact type of switch online with a search. So I pull the top off and pull the switch out .. it has a bit of hot glue holding it in place, but basically snaps in and has 3 connections with push on connectors .. easy to get out. Anyhoo .. it's made in China or Taiwan .. it's a "Canal" switch and I can identify it on the foreign website that I found. It's neon not LED illumination. Again, anyway .. after examining the switch, measuring carefully, looking at all the specs on the side of the switch ... I found the perfect match ... looks exactly the same as the original on the Hartke and works great .. for less than 2 dollars for the switch and overnight fedex shipping for 8 dollars. I bought a couple .. haha Here's the link for the switch. What a great company they sent it immediately .. I'm jamming like crazy again!

    CRE22F2BBRLE ZF Electronics | Switches | DigiKey
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    Most lighted AC power switched are neon. The lamp just needs a series resistor to light reliably from the AC supply.
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  3. Yeah whatever Paul, hopefully my post will help someone down the road ...
  4. Worst case, if the power switch became totally unavailable years down the road, you can always unsolder one of the AC wires at the back of the switch and solder it to the tab on the back of the switch where the other AC wire is connected. The amp will always be "ON", so powering down would require unlpulgging the amp.
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    Did you consider my post a negative? It was not meant so, just educational. :)
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