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    Jan 21, 2012
    Forgive my ignorance on this.
    But I have a Hartke 3500 head, using the VX cabs. 2x12 And a 1x15.
    So my question is, What will or what can I gain by purchasing the hartke attack pedal. And using it thru this system.
    Or am I not really gaining anything?

    Sorry so vague. But I never used Amy pedals hardly. And What I use now is straight into the passive input and of course, the hartke head is tube And SS. So I am about at 4 on tube side And leave the SS side around 2 generally.

    To clarify why I am so ignorant on effects and this particular unit. I switched to playing bass several years ago. After a work related accident. That left me unable to play drums or guitar anymore.
    I have major nerve damage on my left side. So I go numb at times. And Can't use my fingers very Well.
    So point being. to remain needed per say. I found a great deal on my amp and cabs. And although I still have nerve damage and lose feeling in My left hand. I can drag my hand up the neck if it occurs while playing.

    Guess I made myself sound more pityful after All That. But the longwinded point to my question. Was/is. ?
    How or What are some of the benefits to using the hartke attach pedal in comparison to other pedals??
    I'm needing to control my sound better, now That I'm playing in a cover band again. And I am limited on my knowledge of bass pedals.
    I used a ART in rack, unit years ago, with my rhythm guitar set up.
    But haven't used any bass pedals. And being semi-thrifty. Nowdays. Since I Can't work anymore.
    I apologize For the stupid way I am presenting this.

    Any history or pros and cons to using that particular pedal with this head. Would be greatly appreciated.
    I Just want to be able to cover more songs. As They need to be done. I'm not a tone hound. And I found that hartke attack pedal For $60 NIB.
    So I Just hoped some Of you fine folks had used it with a hartke head. And Your thoughts

    Again. Sorry for the crazy post. I know I could Just buy It and try It. But I live in a super small town and have no one around to check out their systems Or pedals.
    Thanks for bearing with me to This point.
    Any advice would be appreciated ,good or bad.
    I Hope everyone has a safe and happy memorial day wkend. Be careful and thank a Veteran if you can. For their sacrifices.

    And I'm not a dyed in the wool hartke person. So no hang ups on just that one. But I Like it. The amp that is. Just never had anything else to use other than the compression or tube/SS adjustments.

    Again Sorry for such a crazy post. To a simple question.
  2. mmbongo

    mmbongo Regular Human Bartender Supporting Member

    Aug 5, 2009
    Are you talking about the Harke DI/preamp pedal?

    Well your amp already has a preamp and EQ so I'm not sure what you would gain by adding another preamp and another set of EQ's. It will probably make it harder to control.

    What exactly are you trying to do?
  3. if you're talking about the vxl attack pedal, i find it really worth it for how little it cost. does a great job shaping your tones and gives you two settings to work with. also a direct out if you need it. no need for a d.i. box. for the $ they are well worth it. imo.
  4. mmbongo

    mmbongo Regular Human Bartender Supporting Member

    Aug 5, 2009
    Problem is, he's got all that same stuff in his amp. Why would he need it again?


    Jan 21, 2012
    @bongo. You kinda Got why I was asking about it. Cause to my knowledge. I already had the same thing, with the head itself. Or so I believed.
    My head already has a DI. I'm And a tube preamp. Along with the SS part of it too.
    The effects loop on the amp with wet and dry settings.
    So I was trying to figure out, as bongo said. Why I would or could benefit from It.
    Seems it would have the same technology. Basically. And I'd be rather redundant to place that attack pedal in line. And could Just add a buzz or whatever unwanted sounds. To my original sound

    So I figured I was looking at this right. ?? But Never been around anyone That used one. With or without using a hartke head.

    I really Like the sound of my amp and cabinets. But, could use a little more than the head alone offers.
    Guess I should've asked it in a better way. I know I should've. But you nailed my confusion. About the whole thing.
    I'd rather buy a type specific pedal than create a redundant loop. Seeing how I could only gain having a foot pedal versus adjusting my sound on the head itself.
    I couldn't find anything online about What I was thinking on this subject. Or at least ,understand it the way y'all explained. So Thanks
    My search continues. Lol
    Any history with hartke heads. Especially the 3500. I'd Be more than happy to listen. Things any of y'all have found to use or Not.

    Again. Sorry for my random crap.
    My terminology And ignorance about various pedals. Makes me sound pityful.,as I reread my post.
    So thanks in advance for any and all advice , war stories, whatever
    I do thank y'all.
  6. i have a few rigs and one uses the same head as his...it has a 'bass' and treble' knob with a 10 band eq. the pedal has a sweepable they call it contour knob which can really bring out a sweet spot. also if you use more than 1 bass, you can have eq control for them. alsso the d.i. out.
  7. yea guys are correct that having the same thing in a pedal is redundant. but like i said earlier if you use a few basses, say active and passive, it can smooth out the transition. or if you're playing covers and need to cop different bass sounds, you have 1 - your amp setting 2 - the pedal with left button in -3- the pedal with right button in and 4 - the pedal with both in. pretty diverse pallete.
  8. Bassmike62

    Bassmike62 Punch'n Ooomph Supporting Member

    Not a crazy thread at all. I went through the same thing at one point and tried the Hartke pedal in a shop with a 3500 and with my rig at home. Returned it the same day 'cos I simply didn't see the added value for my sound with my rig in my then-practice room (which is not to say the pedal is useless, far from it). Went with the SansAmp afterwards. Would the pedal have made a difference had I played it through a non-Hartke amp ? Probably. I've had a few Hartke amps before settling on my actual rig, so it's not the brand. I just didna think the pedal brought anything more to my sound.
  9. JimmyM


    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Yamaha, Ampeg, Line 6, EMG
    The Bass Attack also has a pretty cool overdrive on it. If I were looking for clean tone and already had a Hartke amp I don't know if I'd get it, but I think it's a killer pedal for the money and I like its overdrive. A little different sounding but still pretty cool.
  10. TNCreature

    TNCreature Jinkies! Supporting Member

    Jan 25, 2010
    Philadelphia Burbs
    I bought the VXL Attack pedal and really like it. It IS a great deal for the price.
    I use it as an effect pedal I guess. When I want to emulate (one of) the Tool bass souds, I engage the VXL.

    HOWEVER, one thing I didn't know when I purchased it is that the Bass and Treble controls are always on/active. This threw a curve ball since I use the pedal on such an extreme setting.

    So I ended up adding an A/B loop switch to engage it only when I need it. I had to rethink my whole pedal board, but it works, and I really like the sound.

    Have fun, OK?
  11. mmbongo

    mmbongo Regular Human Bartender Supporting Member

    Aug 5, 2009
    Go look at your amp again...it has TWO knobs labeled 'contour'. The DI is on the back.

    The whole point of this pedal is to take an entire Hartke head, minus the amp and the EQ, and put it in a pedal.


    Jan 21, 2012
    I see, now, how a person could use the attack pedal with a hartke head and utilize it with say active to passive basses.
    But I think I Might be better off to Get a overdrive pedal And use It.
    I'm still ain't sure about all the pedals other than the main ones.
    Like I said. I live so far away from any stores. I rarely have a chance to test run anything. If ever.
    And the limited bass players That are in my area. Well, they are all either straight country, and play strictly thru their amps with no effects at all.
    To the teenager that has only got a small combo amp in the room.
    Not knocking anyone, at All. Just saying,that I haven't got the resources to check out alot of different folks set ups. We only have one little bar to play, here. Other than a few church bassist. That just play thru the board anyway.

    But I appreciate any And all advice. I will buy whatever I need to Be versatile. Even a rack mount would be great.
    And I am Not trying to get y'all to Pick me a pedal board. Seriously. I just tried to be specific on using the hartke products with hartke heads.
    Don't want to get ripped over it Like some have.
    So any thing Y'all say is appreciated. Greatly.
    The only thing I've done to my 3500 head was change out the preamp tube to a EH tube. It made a noticeable difference in the tone.
    But I need some delay and distortion too. Which I can't do much with what I have now.
    Sorry to be a bore and waste anyone's time. But I follow what y'all are saying. Pro And con on this issue.
    Thanks for everything. Great bunch of guys on here. Hopefully I will learn to economize my questions Next time. Sure there will Be more, No matter what happens with this situation.
    But keep the dialogue coming. I enjoy all responses.
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