SOLD Hartke Rig - HA3500 head and VX215 cab

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    This is a great complete Hartke bass guitar rig, ready to gig. HA3500 head and VX215 cabinet. Versatile, reliable, great tone, and loud

    The HA3500 has been a time-tested amp from Hartke for many years. It features a tube and solid state pre-amp section, with knobs for both, so you can blend the tone to your liking. Built in compressor. 10-band EQ. 350 watts. This one is in great shape and comes mounted in a Hartke hard-sided rack bag. Many times if you find these, some of the EQ sliders are broken, or the lights don't work. Or knobs are missing. All the EQ sliders are intact and all the lights work. All the knobs are original. Everything functions and looks 100%.

    The VX215, handling 500 watts, features two 15" low frequency drivers and a high frequency transducer. This one is in great shape and functions 100%. The grill and cab covering are not damaged and have minimal wear.

    $250 for the HA3500
    $250 for the VX215
    $475 for both

    This is a complete gig-ready kick-ass bass rig in great condition for less than $500.
    The cab is local sale only. I'm in Eastern PA. For the head, I strongly prefer a local sale, but if it doesn't sell locally, I would consider shipping at actual cost to the buyer.

    I know these aren't the best photos, so if you want to see anything particular that you can't see in these photos, message me.

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  2. I sold the cab locally. I may just keep the head. If anyone is really hot on buying the head, contact me.
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