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  1. im thinkin now about gettin the Hartke VX410a and either the 1400 or 2000 Hartke head. Does anybody know wat ohms these are and if theyll be able to last me for a good 3-4 hours of playing
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    Sep 7, 2000
  3. I own a 3500. It's a decent amp, and I bought mine used. 240 watts at 8 ohms and 350 at 4. Sounds pretty awesome with 2 cabs.

    Search around. For $50-100 less than the price of a new 2000 head you can get a used Hartke 3500. I do not regret buying used, and in turns it's given me the extra power I need. I DON'T think you'll be satisfied with 200 watts into 4 ohms.

    For the record I am running my 3500 into 2 8 ohm cabs, an avatar CB115 and a Peavey TX-410. My full rig can handle any situation I throw at it, and if I use just the Avatar, it's an excellent rig for upright bass, lacks definition for electric bass, when I'm using electric I use the 410.

    I'd steer clear from the hartke VX series. I've had some experience with them, and while they are "OK", you'll be more satisfied with an Avatar 2x12 or 410. You'll get a lot more headroom with the avatar cabs.

    Get a used 3500 head, and WAIT until you can afford a decent cab as well. That's what I did. I was looking at those 2000 and 1400 heads myself, and let me tell you, man I am glad I went with a used 3500, and waited until I could afford the avatar CB115. I later recieved the peavey 410 for free man, and I'm now able to use both cabs at once if need be because my amp can operate smoothly at 4 ohms. The 1400 can't, and I dont think 200 watts into 2 cabs is going to be much fdifferent than buying a single 4 ohm 410.

    WAIT until you can afford a decent rig. The 1400 amp will leave you pissed at yourself, the 2000 might not be all that bad, but hell man, stick it out and wait. What's the rush? hopefully you'll be playing bass the rest of your life.
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