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  1. bannedwit


    May 9, 2005
    Buffalo, NY
    As the title above says, I need some help with info on my transporter series cabinets from Hartke.
    I have the 4x10 one and the 1x15 one.
    Here is the info i have on them and is all that i can find online:
    4x10 = 300watts power handling at 8 ohms.
    1x15 = 150 watts power handling at 8 ohms.

    Questions are:
    1.) My 1x15 blew. The old man is an electrician and said that he gets no reading at the voice coil so that must be bad. I know these can be replaced but... Which voice coil should I get? What should I look for etc...
    2.) Also, I just got a SWR WorkingPro 700 Bass amp. The 1/4 inch speaker inputs are wired in parallel. I know that means my 2 8ohm speakers will end up getting me 4ohms output. If it was series then i would have somethign like 16 ohms. Anyways, When I see parallel cabinets, they have 2 input jacks. My hartke's have only one.
    What does that mean to me if I connect my 4x10 only or my 1x15 only? Won't my amp be i guess you could say expecting 2 connections in the back? My 1x15 blew like i said before so I will be running my 4x10 through the SWR amp for a couple weeks. Wwill anythign bad happen. I am clueles to this this whole ohm and power thing so this is why I ask...
    Thank you all who can help me in advance.