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Hartke VXL Bass Attack preamp with the L2000?

Discussion in 'G&L Bass Forum' started by roger_alcantara, May 13, 2006.

  1. hey guys, im new here... awesome forum by the way, it's uber nice to be surrounded by g&l lovers. anywho... i just got the Hartke VXL bass attack preamp. i usually plug in and play... i love the tones i get out of my L2000 so i plug in direct to a bass amp and go... but i had this horrifying experience a few weeks back regarding a busted bass amp in this bar we were supposed to play in... it was a nightmare... so i decided to get the VXL... just in case such a thing happens again... at least i can plug in direct to the house...

    anyways... to those who have the VXL as well... could you help me find good tone settings for the preamp? i have dialed in some tones i like, but id like to explore some more... is it possible to use the VXL with the L2000 in active mode? our sound engineer suggested that if i had to use the VXL i should go passive since the g&l's pickups are high output. i've been using some settings on the vxl on active mode, but most of the time, it sounded a wee bit too boomy and muddy. could you guys share some settings on the VXL when used with the L2000? thanks guys.

  2. snowdan


    Feb 27, 2006
    when playing active simply back off the instrument's volume knob. i know of hardly any amp that accepts my G&L output with the volume all the way up.
  3. thanks. :) yeah i usually back off the volume a bit.

    ...oh and i've decided NOT to use the hartke VXL preamp on my g&l... unless of course i decide to go straight to the house... upon which i dial in a flat setting, to get the natural tone of the g&l...

    the tone of the g&l is just so much better without any form of tone shaping or coloration by a preamp IMHO. so i just plug in direct. :D


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