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  1. Im going to get a Hartke 3500 amp head with a hartke transporter series 115 for 800 bucks. This will be my first serious amp and ive saved up for a while for it and i just wanted some advice. Is this a good buy? hows the equipment? they seem pretty good but any advice would be appreciated.
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    i love mine. i get awesome tone out of it ( imo) i want to pair it up with a henry the 8x8. or get the ha7000 and get a peavey 810.. which ever, i still like it.
  3. what about the transporter 115 cabinet. Is that any good? or should i look into something else?
  4. I was running a hartke 15" transporter for a while (the one with the al. cone) but i cracked it, so i replaced it with an Eminence Kappa Pro 15" and that was awesome, but it wasnt for me so i just went out and bought 2 Hartke 410XL cabs and never looked back :)