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Has anyone ever looked into this?

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by superbassman2000, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. hello luthiers,
    i have been playing the temple blocks a lot in the university orchestra, and that got me thinking about an idea for a bass body. would it be possible to make a body with maybe 4 chambers of different sizes, with some kind of pickup in each chamber. maybe piezo? i dunno...anyhow, i am thinking in terms of looping, this could open up some rhythm ideas you can't usually get on a normally made bass. i know that the bass is all one piece, and each chamber hit might bleed into each other pickup, but what about the idea of it all? i know there was a midi classical guitar with a whole bunch of triggers on it for different sounds...but anyways, would this work?

  2. in theory it could work, the execution is another thing...so you're thinking make the body "live" in a trigger sense, where a pickup of some kind acts like a trigger?

    I think you'd have an issue with fals triggers and whatnot, either thru simply moving / bumping, or that the main body isnt rigid enough. Not to say it can't be done, but I'd say it'd be easier to hardwire actual triggers.

    Unless you modified a Spalt bass...those things are freeky. All aluminum with bolt-on wood body sections.
  3. Instead, why not make a thick walled but resonant hollow body bass (koa?) with the body having an array of tuned acoustic blocks cut right into the top to be used as a percussive accompaniment. Perhaps seperate chambers could be carved for the string bass parts and the xyloblocks.
  4. wpuld you have to hit it with a stick? or can you just hit it, similar to a slap bass technique?
  5. ok, here is a rough idea, i took a warmoth bass body pic, and showed where the chambers could be put, and then put some kind of veneer (maybe?) over the top...
    take a look, and tell me what might be wrong with that pic...i know i put one of the chambers over the control cavity, but thats not a concern of mine yet...
  6. ok, so here is the plan...where i made the "holes" would be the chambers, and then you could put a veneer over them, so that it looks like a normal shaped bass. and then you'd probably need some kind of pickup to get it...now that i think of it, it would be similar to someone like kaki king or justin king, and how they get the purcussive sound out of hitting their acoustic guitar in different spots, and it sounds pretty cool. basically i was wondering if there was any way to transfer justin kings guitar hitting techniques over to the bass without midi or anything, and so far i only have thought of the above thought.

    thanks guys

  7. Mudfuzz


    Apr 3, 2004
    Well.... you could just get a ABG and do it the same way they do.

    OR, what if you just came up with a different body shape so that you could have them all on the bass side or the treble side of the bass.
  8. Slap technique
  9. cool...thats kind of what i am talking about!