Has anyone ever tried "half out of phase" wiring?

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    Has anybody here tried using "half out of phase" wiring on a bass? IIRC, it's when you have two pickups out of phase with a capacitor in series with one of them. I've seen it done on guitars (most notably Jerry Donahue's Telecasters) and it produces a less phase canceled middle position with more midrange. I don't have the tools or skills to try it out but it sounds like it could be an interesting alternative to series/parallel wiring on a Jazz Bass for a less scooped/quacky middle position (if I had to guess, it might sound a bit like the bridge position on a Ric 4003).
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  3. I've always been intrigued with the out of phase sound since my first bass, a Peavey T-40. It's not an every day sound but used right sounds cool. Think Journey's Who's Crying Now.
    Now that I've tried the Half-out-of-phase I think its an option with more practical applications. Listen to my sound clip (my playing isn't the best) and see what you think. And, as a bonus you also get a different sound out of the applied pickup when it is soloed
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    The Rickenbacker series capacitor is just a filter that removes low freq (high pass filter).

    The 90 degree phase shift is done differently:

  5. That schematic only uses a cap in line with the phase switching, I also used a resistor which drops the pickups volume a little, allowing the unaffected pickup to have a little dominance in the overall sound.
    Tele3-WayHOoP  HOoPPushPullSwitch.jpg
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