Has anyone EVER used one of these?

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  1. http://www.peavey.com/search.cfm?c=0&term=automatch
    If I understand how this thing work, it will match the impedance of your amp to your speakers. So say you have an amp that will put out its' best performance at 8 ohms but your speakers a 4 ohm, this transformer will match one to the other. Just like a tube amp. I think they run about $100 and are rated at 400 watts rms.
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    Rename your thread.

    INCORRECT: "Has anyone ever used one of these?"

    CORRECT: "Has anyone ever used a Peavey Automatch Transformer?"
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    Haven't tried it. But I've never seen an amp that performs better at 8 ohms than 4 ohms. You get so much more headroom from more wattage that I can't see how it's a disadvantage.
  4. Right, every SS amp has a point where it puts out its' most wattage. There are however, many stereo power amps that won't bridge into 4 ohms and single heads that won't do 2 ohms. This transformer will let those amps work with loads lower than they can normally safely push. It will also let an amp designed to work at 4ohms output its' full power into an 8 or 16 ohm load. This is pretty much the same thing a tube's amp output transformer does. I've been wonder what the draw backs are in using such a device.
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    Drawbacks as follows: Weight, price and power rating. The maximum this transformer can handle is 400W. That's not too much in a world of multi kilowatt power amps. As to how well they work - they work just as well as any output transformer. I have several rated at 240W that came from some Toa PA power amps. I took them out because they just added weight. As I said in another thread the money would be better spent on a different power amp that will handle the load you want to run.