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Has anyone heard of Bill Lawrence Basses??

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Smith373, Oct 25, 2000.

  1. Hey all, I posted a question on this before and no one seems to know. I'll just try once more. I bought a Bill Lawrence bass in the mid or maybe late 80's. Maple/rosewood neck, tobacco sunburst, PB pups, BL's signature stamped on the neck boltplate w/ the serial #. I know nothing about it or the manufacturer (except he makes very good pickups and likes Strats) Never seen review on the BL line. I emailed the Bill Lawrence folks and they have not responded -yet. I'm just curious as to whether I have a good bass, an obscure but maybe good bass or a some throw-away that I got ripped on (well, not quite that bad I hope!). Anyway, if you have any knowledge of the Bill Lawrence bass (4-string, P-bass), please let me know. Otherwise, I'll just sit here and ask more obscure questions!!
  2. Bernie


    Dec 12, 1999
    FWIW Bill worked with Roscoe Beck and Fender to develop the elecs on the RB-5 String.Fantastic bass!Dont know anything about his own line though.

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