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Has anyone tried out this pedalboard?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by nappingcracker, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. I am hunting for a pedal board, and found this guy in my travels "Nailed" Pedalboards. He has an ebay store, and I was wondering what the build quality was.

    His EBay store eidt-the link was long

  2. Looks great. It'd be nice if it had a case, though.

    Edit: just noticed the carry case in the store.
  3. yah but, its the same case that Musician's Fiend has for $15, you could get the MF deluxe for the same price.

    Am I going to find a better deal than this board and the deluxe case for ~$90?
  4. No thoughts, huh? I am wary of a gig-bagged pedalboard, any gig-bag-board users have input? The other inexpensive option is the rondo boards, but they seem a bit cramped.

    What are people using for _affordable_ boards with large/strange shaped pedals?

    I have a large wah, a large phaser, a large synth, a loop station, a small multi effects/large expression, and tuner. The two foot rocker pedals are killing me! What to do with these oversized pedals?

    Going smaller is not an option, I like the sounds.

    side note - I see pictures of short colored right-angle effects patch cables around here, where can i get those? I am currently using 16" patch cables with straight plugs. Any leads for cheap right angle effects patches?
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