Has Anyone Used A MojoHand Mule? (Besides Tayste)

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Proton Lenny, Jul 20, 2009.

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    Apr 24, 2006
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    I've tried to find info about this pedal everywhere, but I can find next to none. I was looking at a Hotcake as my OD choice, and I asked Tayste about it because he used to play one. He said that he liked it, but that it didn't cut in a mix too well, so he switched to the Mule and never looked back. However, now he uses the Catalinbread Hyperpak, which he said he doesn't actually like as much, but he uses it for its tiny size. (Tayste if I got any of this wrong, feel free to chime in and correct me) Anyway, I have listened to all the clips I can find of this thing (which is very few) and I really like its general character. Nice full sounding OD, and it sounds like it responds to pick attack well. Simple layout, volume and gain controls. Tayste says that there is no low end loss what so ever. It has a bit more gain in most clips than I would use most of the time, but I have heard one low gain clip and I really liked it. Plus my bass has relatively low output, so I would have to have more gain on the pedal than many of the guitars players do in these clips to get it to clip the same amount. Anybody have any experience with this pedal? (or any Red Lama clone since this thing sounds identical) Love to get some more bass players opinions. I'm thinking of just trying it, but its lack of a tone knob and its seemingly fair amount of gain give me slight hesitations.


    P.S. Any OD suggestions are fair game by the way. Although there seem to be more "suggest me an OD" threads than just about anything so I tried to make this a little more specific.
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    I haven't tried the others to compare, but I believe that like the Red Llama and the Polish Love it is based on the Anderton Tube Sound Fuzz. I didn't spend nearly enough time with the Mule to form a really strong opinion, but it sounds fantastic on guitar.

    EDIT: The Wren and Cuff Red Camel is another take on this circuit and Matt has been good about posting bass clips of the Pickle Pie (and making a bass version) so it might be worth talking to him about his pedal.

    EDIT2: As Bongo pointed out, the Lenahan Llama Roho is another version of this circuit.
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    i haven't tried the Mule. but i got the Hyperpak together with the Serrano Picoso few weeks ago. the Hyperpak has a good od/distortion sound but its very obvious that once you kick it in, the bass sounded thin, i mean low end loss. sold it after few days. the SP stays and will never go for a while. i love that tiny box (SP), lots of clean boost for sure! and like Tayste told me about it, it has some kind of magic that makes your tone sounds better, i agree.