have eden 1x12 cab, add a 2x10 or 1x12?

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  1. i have a eden D112XLT cab, and will need to be getting another cab soon.

    people that have been in gigging situations, what would be better for me, mainly for hearing myself clearly enough, will another D112XLT cab be fine, or a 2x10 cab be better?

    i have heard that it can be hard for people to hear 12's on stage, so i'm thinking, maybe a 2x10 with the 1x12 should add the right amount of mix of punch and smoothness.

    whats your opinions?


    [edit] just to add, my amp is a ashdown ab500 evoII, so it puts out 575 watts.
    the eden D112XLT cab is 250watts.

    now i know if i turn up my amp close to or over half way i can blow the speaker.

    say if i add a eden D210XST that is 500 watts.

    so i will have both of these cabs linked, if i turned the volume on my amp up to full, will it be possible to blow the speaker in the 112 cab?

    ps. sorry for long post
  2. 12bass


    Jan 2, 2003
    Victoria, Canada
    Either adding an 8 ohm D210XST or another 8 ohm D112XLT would be a suitable addition to your rig.

    The D210XST has a deeper, flatter tone than most of the Eden cabinets, while the D112XLT has more pronounced mids. Which would would better would depend on what you are looking for. If you want more solid lows, the D210XST may be a better choice.

    Running both cabinets (either choice) in parallel should be fine.

    Don't worry about the D210XST having a higher power rating, as it has no effect on the D112XLT's safety. Most speakers will take more than their rated power, as long as it is clean, but you don't want to push them too far and blow the drivers from overexcursion. Just listen carefully and back off on the volume when the speakers start to complain.
  3. thanks for your feedback

    the D210XLT would better suit me then the D210XST.

    so its either getting another D112XLT or the D210XLT.

    but say if i have two D112XLT cabs, that are rated at 250watts.
    if they are connected parallel. and my amp is 500 watts, does this mean i can crank my amp to full power, and the speakers split the 500 watt power between to two so they get 250 watts each, or would i have to still keep my amp volume level down about half way as the speakers don't split the watts? (i hope people can understand what i saying)
  4. 12bass


    Jan 2, 2003
    Victoria, Canada
    Yes, with two cabinets, your speakers will each get half the power, 250W each (or around 287W each in your case). Of course, that's how much power your amp is rated to produce at full output.

    In an actual playing situation, you will probably average less than 50W, with much higher output on the peaks.

    The volume control is does not directly control the number of watts produced in the way you think. It is a gain control, not a "watts" control. Also, there is not a direct correlation between half-way on the volume and half power on the amp.

    You had mentioned D210XST in your original post. I used to have a D210XLT, and prefer the deeper, flatter, more open sound of the XST. The XLT has more of a prominent low mid voice, and doesn't go as deep. You may prefer the XLT sound.
  5. Acepiloto


    Aug 25, 2000
    I'd personally go with another 112XLT or the 210XLT. This is mostly for on stage applications right?

    The XST is smoother, and has a tighter bottom, but isn't as pronounced in the all-important mids as the XLT series.

    Don't worry about blowing your speakers, even with your current setup. As stated before, you'll be notified before you'll blow the driver. It'll start distorting and "farting out" on the low end before anything fries. You can run your volume well over halfway if need be, and as long as you aren't hearing the above symptoms. I personally run 1000 watts into a 410XLT (700 watt rating). I've turned it up many times for years, still no problems.

    But yes, if you run the two cabs in parallel, then they'll get 250 watts each.
  6. Edenbass


    May 20, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    i owned two 112xlt and now have a d210T and a 112XLT.

    Think ist's a great combination , also powerwise. the 210T is rated 250W also...

    they complement each other perferctly! It think soundwise you have more options

    with the 112 added i don't think a XLT/XST is neccessary.
  7. i can't find the 210T model on edens website. is that an older model?
  8. And even then you will be able to get through a song without frying it. Atleast, my shitty DIY cabinet with celestion speaker (not made by me) did hold it long enough to finish the song. I didn't knew back then that I could fry it, I was just pushing it a lot and it started to distort in the low end.

    About the cabinets: try to find a shop which carries all the cabinet options and never forget to look into other brands too. You might find something that nobody would have expected. And if you gig on a regular basis; there might be some option that you can check it out and maybe return it if you don't like it. I mean: check it out at a gig/practise and then return it if you don't like it. If you talk with the store and really show that you are going to buy a cabinet from them, they can make a deal for you. :smug:
  9. Edenbass


    May 20, 2005
    Vienna, Austria
    It´s an older model.
    Mine is from the last year of production 2004 and has also speakons.


    You should get a good quote on them. (360$ at ebay, new)


    Maybe there´s a better choice with a 5-String bass (if you want to use it as a standalone), but if you add the 112 XLT i love it.

    Also a great standalone with my Fender 4-String
  10. fclef ed

    fclef ed

    Dec 30, 2005
    Tarrytown, NY
    I use both a 210XLT and a 210XST. For me, the 210XLT has a bit more mid range growl (exactly what you need for cutting through), while the XST has superior lows, but scoops out the low mids.
  11. tommiett


    Oct 12, 2007
    I had an Eden Wt550 + a D210XST.
    I found the sound was too flat, so I traded for 2-D112Xlt's. It sounded really great, then I got som GAS, so I traded one of the D112XLT's for a D210XST.
    With the D112XLT + D210XST, I have the "low mid bump" with the D112Xlt that I like, but with the D210XST, the lows go down to the centre (Canadian spelling), of the earth.
    If you think that is too much low, remember that it gives you a ton of that magical thing: HEADROOM. With headroom, you can have any sound you want, with lots of power handling.
    Remember , you can turn it down if you have too much, but if you don't have enough, you suck.
    I hope it helps .
    Regards, Tommie:bassist:
  12. I ran a D112XLT with my Metro, a combo based on the D210XLT, for years, and the sound was excellent. It was very versatile with the clean Eden amp pushing it. A great combination in my opinion. Great for modern rock, great for finger-style funk, and still ok with some EQing for more old school rock, soul, and reggae. My little D112 is now ragged out a bit, so I don't like using it in loud rock contexts as much any more, and I am looking for a new 112, either a fEarful or Barefaced Midget, for my acoustic/quiet gigs. Hmmm GAS. Now for club gigs I'm using a Genz Benz UB212 pushed by a Mesa Basis M-2000. For big stages this summer I'll use the Metro on the Genz, which is a huge sounding combination.