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  1. ok, so i was watching UNWRAPPED on the Food channel and they had a vignette on Burger King....what caught my attention was they said the Whopper was invented in 1957 and consisted of a half (1/2) pound of meat.

    now, correct me if i am wrong, but i swear i had a Whopper recently and it said is 1/4 pound.

    first of all, am i wrong on any of my facts? either the food channel blurb or the current weight of the whopper?

    anyway, i have eaten my last one...they never said they were downsizing...i feel completely ripped off...they, of course, have the right to do whatever they want, in as sneaky a fashion as they want, but not with my money

    one more long term memory goes BANG....

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    Dave you got a whopper junior.
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    This thread would be more interesting if each sentence ended with "in your pants".
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    I'm not really sure what the advertised weight of a Whopper is nowadays, but if I'm not mistaken, the weight measurements that are advertised are the weights BEFORE the hamburger is cooked. :meh:
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    Maybe it consisted of ½ pound of beef back in 1957.
  6. no, i got a whopper, but i am still prepared to admit i made a mistake...so, the question is: how much beef, by weight, is currently used in making the Whopper?; how much used to be used?; and when was the change made and for what purpose (as if....:D)

    ok...fair enough...except i don't remember seeing this in any of their ads..."Now, with 50% less beef".....i mean, when did they cut it down (if, in fact, they did) and why was it done in such a sneaky manner?.....

    i would think they would have been trumpeting this to the sky if they did it to please their customers.....no, something tells me they just did it, at some time in the past, and hoped no one would notice

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    From the BK website: Our WHOPPER® Sandwich is a ¼ lb.* of savory fire-grilled beef.

    That little asterisk takes you to this comment: *Based on pre-cooked patty weight.

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    I'm still rather angry that McDonald's increased the price of its double-cheeseburger and then gave us the infinitely inferior McDouble for the former price of the double-cheese.
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    F*** SAVORY FIRE GRILLED BEEF! Raw, maaaaaaaan!

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    I'm gonna go make myself a burger.
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    Enter the person that says today's 1/4lb hambuger has 3x the calories of a1/2 back then
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    I just had 4 White Castle sliders. What's that about .004 pound of mystery meat..? Sits like about 14 pounds of beef though...

    (bad beef)
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    Ripping you off? They're doing you a favor.

    DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT put anything from Burger King of McDonald's IN YOUR MOUTH at any time!!!!
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    Did you get those from the restaurant or from the grocery store? I haven't tried the White Castle burgers you can by at the store, but I've yet to find any type of frozen, premade hamburger that tastes any good.
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    For God's sake, man; stop by the house and I'll cook you some REAL burgers!
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    I feel like this belongs with the Google Nazi thread.
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    Grocery store... but I've had "real ones" as well. The real ones are better for sure but still produce the same end result of heartburn... :eek:
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    All this posting and no one has asked the important question: When did they change it from 1/2 to 1/4. I'm guessing it was in the distant past...like on the up hill side of the 5+ decades they've been making them.
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    Now, Dave, I'm a free will kinda guy. Whatever you choose to put in your body (as long as it isn't my left arm) is your business. However, that burger is awful for you. I would like for you to be here for many more years. So please try something better.

    678 calories (34% daily)
    38 grams of fat (57% daily)
    57 grams of carbs (19%)
    Sodium 911mg (38%)


    That's a recipe for disaster. Again, you're grown. Do what you want. But you can do better than that any day and live longer. :D