Have you ever come full circle with your effects?

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  1. I used to have a Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive a few years ago. I thought it was really good back then but after about a year and a half as my main dirt pedal I decided it was time for something new, you know, just for fun. Sold the Sparkle Drive and over then next few years I went through the Fulltone Bassdrive, Digitech Bad Monkey, MXR MicroAmp, Barber LTD, SansAmp Bassdriver, Aguilar Tone Hammer and a few more. No matter how hard I tried, nothing ever sounded as good as the Sparkle Drive. There is something about that pedal that just meshes so well with tube amps it is unlike anything else. A few days ago, right before band practice I decided it was time to get another Sparkle Drive. the guy at the store looked at me funny when I said I was using it for bass (Oh the how little they really know). He tried to convince me to get something else but I went with the SD and headed to practice. It took a few songs but soon it was dialed in perfectly, and as the tubes warmed up everything just started to gel. I have not had that feeling in a long time...you know when you are in that tone nirvana, where it seems everything you play sounds perfect. The old SVT was cooking and the sparkle drive was the perfect seasoning. I will never look back...long live the Sparkle Drive.:bassist:
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    happened to me. got the Analogman Mini Chorus last year then sold it. after a while i was looking for a chorus pedal again but not AM. i tried few of them but ended up unsatisfied. there's something missing... then i realized it was the sound in my head that i get from the AM. so i ordered and bought a new one, again! it won't leave my board no more!!!
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    Used to own a ragged old tube works real tube ovderdrive. thought the gain on the pedal was too murky, so i dove into the gamut: an 80's rat, a modded 80's rat, a rat 2, a bassdrive, OBD-3, tube screamer, hematoma, and now back to the tube works, with a different bass and better understanding of EQ. this pedal satisfies all aural, visual, and visceral tastes for me.