Have you ever fell through a stair case ?

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    Have you ever fell through a stair case ? I did for the first time and man I hope it is the last. I was in a an old closed boathouse building and I went through the stair case 1 and a half floors. I am very thankful I wasent wearing shorts. I held onto the banaster till I could make the land on my feet.
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    At a house we were building a couple years ago, the stairs leading to the basement were set in place but not attached yet because the bottom had to be cut down just a little. I didn't know this as I was working in the other side of the house. One of guys in the basement asks if I had the sawzall upstairs with me, so I pick it up and head towards the basement. Of course, before they can tell me not to walk on the stairs I step on them and they give out from under me. The stairs rotated sideways as we were falling the ten feet to the bottom, and I ended up pinned between them and a block wall. Since there was a wall behind me and stairs in front of me, there was no way to bend my knees to absorb the impact and I ended up with a broken foot and a couple layers of skin missing from my stomach.

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    I am sorry to hear that.
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    Wow major glad you are OK, that could have been really bad. I fell down a flight once but never through. Once when I was a volunteer firefighter I fell part way through a floor of a house. Luckily I got hung up on my Scott tank and didn't go all the way down.
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    Yes and no. Foot went through, not the rest of me.
  6. ive stepped through the attic before, but i caught myself before i fell all of the way through. near skinned my leg though.
  7. I fell through a ladder, but not through stairs.

  8. tf? has that building since been condemned yet?
  9. I was cutting through an apartment building parking lot when I was twelve. Turned the corner at the rear of the building and there was an open Stair Well - I fell about 15 Feet in full stride in to the concrete bottom and severly injured my legs - spent almost two years in the hospital - then Rehab Wheel Chair for another year or so - graduated to leg braces and a crutches - then to just crutches and finally a Cane.

    That one moment and injury changed my life and ended any hope of playing sports - bunch of other things. Here I am many years later - ditched the Cane - still live in pain on many days - but I managed to save my right leg and still can stand and walk on my own. Be careful - does not take much to really get messed up - I was very unlucky in that moment.

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    Its closed for a good reason but it hasent been leveled yet.

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    My arm hurts from the hang on job I had to do on the railing when I fell through.
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    There was once a time when I was a young chinese orphan that accompanied a daring archeologist on an an adventure that took us through India and when demonstrating the strength of a suspension bridge that crossed over a deep crocodile filled chasm one of the planks gave way.

    I was unhurt, luckily, and later went on to discover pirate treasure with a group of young American boys.
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    A friend of mine is a carpenter and has been slowly building his own house, bit by bit over the past several years (as finances allow). He's been living in it with unfinished rooms the whole time and he built a switchback staircase that led from the first floor to the loft above the second floor which he didn't fasten properly because it was only intended to be temporary. Still he kept using it and one day he fell trough it and broke his leg and knocked himself unconscious, getting a concussion. Weeks after he recovered, he cobbled the temporary staircase back together and continued to use it. I was visiting him one day and discovered that he was still going up and down this unsafe stairway despite his previous brush with death and I nagged him to get his ******* tools and spend three hours securing the stairs to make them safe. Amazingly he tried to blow me off saying it wasn't necessary and that he was more careful now but I essentially dragged him over to start work on it and by the end of the afternoon we fixed his stairs. He thanked me for forcing him to do the work.
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    Funny you should ask, not only have a fallen through a staircase, but i've run through and drove through ones too.

    1) On a job site, I was walking up stairs, supports from the bottom were rotted out (House was on river bed, flooded up to second story after rain) I got halfway up and the stairs gave way, I fell threw em and almost into the basement, Not too fun

    2) Same house, same staircase, we had to take it down since I broke it, So I ran into it. Full tilt, lowered shoulder and blasted through it.

    3) Rode a bobcat into a metal emergency escape on a farm house by accident. Luckily it had to come down anyway.
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    Aug 24, 2006
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    I was helping a friend move out of his first place, which was an old upstairs apartment building that wasn't even supposed to have residents in it anymore and noticed the stairs were rotten and rickety and didn't even have railings.

    On my first trip down with a big, heavy box in my arms, I very cautiously stuck my leg out onto the top step and the entire stairway broke off at the top and fell into the lower floor. I found myself standing there with my leg out in the air just about to tip past the balance point and go over myself. I instinctively threw the box away from me and regained my balance. The box hit the bottom and more than a hundred VHS takes flew everywhere when it broke open. I had to sit down for a few minutes and let my heart slow back down to normal. :D
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    Never have, but I HAVE fallen down a spiral staircase before in my old house. Not fun for me, but I'm sure the people who saw it were quite amused.
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    Atchyou say, Docta Jones!!!
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    May 10, 2007
    I have. We filmed it. Back in the old crazy school days
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    I've fallen off of steps, down steps, up steps, and onto steps, but never fallen through steps. Sorry to anyone who has...sounds pretty painful.
  20. At a friends camp last week. His camp sits on top of 30-40 foot hill, and it has some steep as hell stairs going down to the water front. The staircase is probably 10-15 years old so the wood is pretty punky and I drove one of my feet through one of the steps and slid under the stairs a few feet until my leg got a beam. I slid out from under and laughed it off. I'm also 6'5 and about 300 lbs so its understandable.