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Have you seen the unseeable? Ultraviolet Fuzz!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by DeltaPhoenix, Jan 10, 2012.

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  1. I have a long discontinued, very hard to find BlackBox Ultraviolet Fuzz (NOT the Ohhlala reissue). This is a Multiband Fuzz. The input is seperated by 3 filters into Low, Mid and High. There is also an unfiltered fuzz (labeled mix) knob that you can mix in with the other 3 signals. Also has Vol and Gain knobs (6 knobs total). The Ultraviolet goes from a low gain fuzz to a very high gain one, into distortion. This pedal is a stacking master. Dare I say that the Ultraviolet could be part of a combination that is best for metal (despite it's unmetal look).
    I know the Ohhlala reissue is worth $200, so this pedal is obviously worth a bit more....say $250
    My trade interest are varied so run them by me, I could be into multiple items to make trades even. I will entertain cash offers too but I like trading more.
    I could be into ss/bs (I already have a TAFM and a PolyGrace), creepy fingers stuff, Infanem, Iron Ether, fuzzhugger, dwarfcraft, BAT, Mountainking, Cool Stuff, hell run whatever by....you never know
    I will put up pics sometime today.
  2. ultra2.

    Not sure why these are rotated 180 degrees?!?
  3. Bump for a cool, rare fuzz!
  4. Damascus


    Aug 9, 2008
    Does it glow under a blacklight? Find out before you sell it or else you'll never know!
  5. Before class bump (not like that)
  6. GONE

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