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Having trouble finding the right strings.

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by metalguy2, May 29, 2005.

  1. metalguy2


    Dec 26, 2004
    Well now I can rightously say that I have looked far and wide for these specs on a pack of strings and I cannot find them. Anyone know where I can look to find these strings? So far I have only found one option. Which is Peavey Cirrus strings. Would like more options. And Musicians Friend is currently out of them. I think I will probably need em soon too.
    long scale
  2. kilgoja


    May 26, 2005
    can't really help you there dude...i play a 4-string...lol...you might have to buy 2 packs and mix and match them...that costs more though
  3. Jeb


    Jul 22, 2001

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