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HB4 in place of HB2.......

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by bassplayer_edge, Jun 1, 2001.

  1. bassplayer_edge


    May 28, 2001
    I've been hearing that the HB2 humbuckers that come optional with the LB70 bass are "weak". Well, has anyone tried the HB4 humbuckers??? Is there any significant difference?
  2. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    Hell, you may have heard that from me, since that is one of my rants.

    There is some confusion with the Carvin terminology. There is no "HB2" pickup. BUT, if you want the HB/alnico humbucker on your bass, you order the "HB2" option. That's how it's listed in the catalog. So, if you order that option they match the particular pickup to the number of strings, HB4, HB5, HB5, HB5W (for the Bunny Brunel), HB6. So, the "HB2" option refers to all of those.

    Plus, if you get the HB2 option, you have to get the RB, or "rounded body", option. Why, I don't know. But I think the comfort is worth the small price as opposed to having edges on the body.

    So, IMO, ALL their HB alnico pups are dogs. But, the upside is they sound good when they are blended 50/50 with the J99 in the neck position. Others have even commented how good it sounds. But either pickup alone leaves something to be desired, IMO. I was going to ask them to build the bass, leave the pickups off, and have them send it to Lane Poor for the pups. But Poor went off the radar that month. I haven't tried their H50N stacked humbucker. That may be a better way to go.
  3. I have a Carvin 6string bass that I want install Bartolini soap bar. I know that it has to be re-routed in order for the pups to fit. Has any one done this yet? Is it worth the trouble? I need to know asap before I have the work done. Thanks in advance
  4. SGD Lutherie

    SGD Lutherie Banned Commercial User

    Aug 21, 2008
    Bloomfield, NJ
    Owner, SGD Music Products
    I think you would like these then:

    Sidewinder M4

    Sidewinder M5

    They are based on the Lane Poor Bi-Lateral Twin Coil Wide Aperture pickups with some of my own tweaks.

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