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Head/Cab setup

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Tym2cu_bass, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. ok, i just was suggested by someone to buy a head/cab setup, instead of like a ampeg BA-210SP

    so what do u guys suggest for a head/ cab setup? i can only afford 1 cab atm, and it needs to be a least 120+
    i like ampeg, and my price range is 700 and lower

    could i do that with $700?

    -thx a lot for the help
  2. well, with $700 i would suggest avatar cabinets (www.avatarspeakers.com) over ampeg. You wont be able to hear to much of a difference and they a couple hundred cheaper.

    With the remaining money you could a decent head but nothing to great.
  3. i checked out the avatar site u so generously posted :) ... and i looked at the BA115, it didn't say, but I'm guessing it was 100 watts right?
  4. Nick Wagner

    Nick Wagner

    Feb 24, 2003
    WA, USA
    Its rated at 600watts RMS.
  5. Hey man - what kind of music do you play, how loud does it need to be, what kind of tone do you like? We'll be better able to answer your Qs with this information... Like, do you like a punchy growly type tone, or a more rumble-thumpin kind of sound? The Avatar cabs are great (I used to use two B210s, and believe me - they are really great cabs), and I think they would be a wonderful place to start given you're price constraints.
  6. my sound-

    i like to play rock (like what Creed, Nickleback, and Trapt plays) and some jazz stuff. I'm getting a distorter *actually a multi effect box from digitech with distorter* but what I REALLY like is a deep bass sound, that you can feal, but still hear. Uh, GK is alittle to stringing sounding for me.

    -thx again for all your help
  7. Personally, I really like the sound of the newer Peavey heads...like the Firebass 700 on up (the Max 700 is basically the same thing w/ new cosmetics). I think that the newer peavey gear is focussing much more on tone then they used to. The one thing that I notice about much of their newer gear is that it's very easy to get a heavy sound out of them - they can do that boosted lows thump at very high volumes (I'm talking about the cabs, too). For your initial setup, I'd highly recommend getting either a new Max 700, or a used Firebass 700 (personally, I like the look of the older white and red Firebass better then the newer Firebass/Max 700)


    That will get you alot of tonal variety, and tons of clean headroom. I think that the Firebass/Max 700 have a very nice parametric mid control, and the bass control is centered on a good frequency. $570 shipped from Musicians Friend

    As for cabs, I've only played the 410 TVX from their TVX line, and though I love the cab, it's a bit hard to move around! You might go out and try out their 210 TVX cab (I'm sure it's got a great sound). I HAVE played the Avatar B210, and it's a wonderful cab, and perfectly capable of holding it's own against the Peavey. I'd recommend you get a B210 to go along w/ your head for starters. If you buy the Firebass or Max 700, get a 4 ohm cab - that way you'll be pulling ~500 watts from the head with the single B210. $260 shipped.


    This brings your total to $830 for an expandable, quality NEW setup. You can also buy a used Firebass for next to nothing - I got mine in great condition for $250... Buying used would bring your total cost down significantly. I would recommend buying the Avatars new just cause they're so damn cheap!

    Now - you have a nice starter setup, and you can always buy another B210 or the B115 when you have the money - make sure this cab is 4 ohm also (if you have the Firebass or Max 700) as you'll be pulling the entire 700 watts from the head with both cabs attached. Oh yeah - Nickelback's bassist plays Peavey:

  8. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA
    Check the For Sale forum here!!!

    Pick up that Peavey Mark III for $150 shipped. If you doubt how well it works, ask Tyler Hole about his. Those heads may be old, but they are L-O-U-D.

    Grab one of those Avatar cabs from the guy in Utah. That set-up will cost you about $4-500 total.


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