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head or just pre amp

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by WASHBURNGUY, May 3, 2003.



    Dec 28, 2002
    im in need of a head. I have a very old peavey 400 its ok but its old some of the pots do nothing to change my tone. It seems it could be messed up.
    Although,it does sound good when i tweek it..
    anyway im thinking i need new. My options at least what it im thinking of getting is either a hartke 5000
    or a peavey firehosreII(i think thats it). There both around same price. I just remembered i have a 1972 .http://www.sunnamplifiers.com/mis/concslave.jpg question is, should i go with one of the above heads or get a SWEET pre amp and use this power amp with it? 2. is this sunn bridgable?

    thanks a lot guys!
  2. ESP-LTD


    Sep 9, 2001

    some don't like caps, some don't like spaces
  3. Am I not the only one that noticed his run-on sentences? Some will tell you to get a Peavey. I'll tell you to get the Hartke. I have the 3500 myself and it's loud enough for anything in my opinion. Get the hartke 5000, but remember its something like 240 watts 'perside' at 4 ohms? so it's the biampable version. I'd get the 3500 if your just using one 4 ohm cab, but you cant add another one because it's a 4 ohm minimum load. But I'm not too familiar with biamping. The 3500 is 350 watts at 4 ohms/240 @ 8. Get a hartke, it will have good tone and volume.
  4. leftybassdog

    leftybassdog Senior Supporting Member

    I would say get a good preamp ,it will last for years and could be used with any power amp, I use a tube preamp with my head for everything, the down fall is a pre-amp could cost as much as a head, but you can add a new power amp down the line and still get the sound you like, :bassist:


    Dec 28, 2002
    LOL, my computer does to Esp. I didnt even think about the pedal...duhh right on and thanks...
    my god i re-read that post ,sorry it is WAY run on but i think it got point accross... Thanks guys any more answers or comments will be appreciated!
    ill fix post LOL i was pretty buzzed at the time : )
    bassist 33343534

    yeah im leanning towards hartke myself. for some reason i love there stuff evertime i see it and it thumps so LOUD.the tone is great to...?...I guess im confussed now..
    the 3500 can only have one caB? at 4 ohm?!and it can have 2 cabs @ 8 is that it..and running 2. 8ohm cabs, it self bridges to 4ohm thats ****#d up!
    ant 2 -4 ohm it agin self bridges to 2 ohm are you sure thats the case i know i said i was looking at the 5000 but the 3500 or 4000 look (er looked)pretty good.Although if i cant hook 2 4 ohm cabs then i guess not


    Dec 28, 2002
    im sure you saw the pre amp shoot out...OMG that
    Avallon is bad by far my choice for sound..I know it will cost as much as a head,im sure.:( ugg id like to see that pre aginst the hartke Im thinking of..and
    im not sure if my sunn will give me enough power..what do you think of that combo?

    keep in mind im running an old peavy(210@2ohm) with one 4@ cab.Im loud though with my 15 in BW..i think that is probably only 75 watts (im guessing) i think the sunn would beat it but not sure. sunn =200 watt max class 2 wiring may be used (whatever that means ) 4-6 ohms
  7. If you want to use 2 4 ohm cabs you'll have to use either 2 poweramps, an amp that can handle 2 ohm loads or a system like the hartke 5000 and 7000 which have two poweramps.


    Dec 28, 2002
    "actually that's pretty standard for most bass amplifiers and power amps."

    THANKS i could have done some seriously wrong things..

    "hey, somthings burrning you smell it?"

    Fortunately (and unfortunately) you've got yourself experience with an amp that can handle a 2 ohm load. Keep in mind though most amps can handle a minimum of a 4 ohm load, it doesn't make them bad, and it's pretty much what every company aims for. Yeah, running two 4 ohm cabs is not a good Idea for that hartke;)... If your looking for something where you can use your current 4 ohm cab and your certain your going to add another cab you're going to want a new Peavey or somethign that will handle a load at 2 ohms. I'd reccomend using your current cab with a hartke head and you'd pull the msot power out of it that way, but when you want to use 2 cabs, you should consider buying 2 more cabs in an 8 ohm version, or equipping your current cab with a new 8 ohm speaker. Yeah, a 2 ohm load is something a lot of amps can't do, but it doesn't make the head inferior to other brands keep in mind


    Dec 28, 2002
    Very well put bassist,thanks a lot

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