Headphone amps with limiter : how to choose ?

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    Jun 22, 2016
    Hello everyone ^^

    Every one in my band except me is using in ear monitoring. I always use molded ear plugs for hearing protection but I hardly can hear myself playing… so I am considering to do like other members and get IEM.

    I already have tinnitus in both hears for a long time. It is not bad as I cannot live normally, just annoying. So I don't want it to get worst and I am looking for a device with a brickwall limiter.

    I read a lot about headphone amps such as Tasty Blender and Rolls PM351. Obviously, the Rolls one doesn't have a limiter so can't put it on my list. The Tasty Blender looks fine, but it doesn't have outputs, except for headphones.

    I looked at this one which I assume could be use as a DI to, Fischer Amps In Ear Amp 2, but I can't be shure the limiter is a brickwall type as it is not clear for me in the user manual and Fischer amps web site. Do anyone know this amp ? Could I use it without fear of ear damages ?

    I am open to all good advices so feel free to tell me any other suggestion which could fits my needs.

    NB : I am not a native english speaker so I apologise if my message is not clear. Tell me if it is not ^^
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    Dec 6, 2014
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    I use this one from LD Systems; brickwall, relatively cheap and allows me to bring XLR lines into it either directly or from a mixer for stereo monitoring. It also has a 3.5mm line for playing music from laptop/MP3 player for practicing to recordings. I believe the Fischer is brick wall, and you can always email/call Fischer customer service and cross check.


    Jun 22, 2016
    Hello TedH and thank you for answering and your recommandation. I will throw an eye on it.

    I asked Fischer Amps about their built-in limiter. I will post the answer as soon as I get it, as it could be usefull for every one.
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