Headphones breaking on me, question

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  1. Every pair of headphones I buy seems to stop working properly on me. Eventually sound only comes out of 1 side, and the other is completely silent. Very annoying. Mind you, I generally buy headphones that cost under 30$ and replace them every few months. Question: Is this normal? Am I causing it or is it just dying on its own because of use? And finally, will a good 100$ set break the same way?
  2. this is fairly normal. How do you take them off? do you tangle the chord?
  3. I basically unplug by the little input jack and the wire isn't usually tangled. The one I'm using right now has a little thing that lets the wire retract into the headphones when not in use, but it's still dying now and then.
  4. It's fairly normal... I think it's just how the cord is use/abused, and a 100 dollar h/ps MIGHT fix it, but it won't be that way forever...
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    Feb 24, 2003
    That happens to me all the time.But i tangle the chord,throw them in my school bag and go to sleep on them!!!
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    Nov 10, 2002
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    AKG K-240. around 100 plus but i havent broken my pair yet. ;)