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Heads up - new Pirastro gut strings for pizz

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by martinc, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. I received a new set of strings to test from Pirastro today.
    They are silver wound guts designed specifically for pizz. The winding seems different to the silver wound Eudoxa's....more of a roundwound but still quite smooth. Very dark blue windings on the ball end. Pirastro tells me they are ready to launch these strings worldwide.

    Initial impressions since I installed them on my 60+ year old King Mortone plywood are that they are very easy to play and are a bit brighter and have slightly more sustain than the Oliv's or Eudoxa's I have used.

    Pirastro also sent me a new nylon wound gut G to test ( like the Golden Spiral) but I have not tried it out yet. This is not the same string as the G that comes with the set I was sent. Maybe they are planning on producing a nylon wound G and D like the Golden Spirals to go with the silver/gut A and E as an option....or perhaps they are looking at a set of nylon wound guts. I'll have to check.

    I will post my impressions on this list in the next few weeks after the strings have been played in and after I have sent Pirastro my assessment.

    Just for the record.......I am not a dealer or in any way connected to Pirastro. Strictly an amateur player. I e- mailed some string questions to them a few years ago. Shortly after that they sent me some Obligato's to test before they were put on the market. These new silver wound guts are the first I have been sent since the Obligato's.
    Martin Chapman.
  2. I've used the new Pirastro gut/silver strings and the nylon wrapped gut G string for almost a month so here are my impressions with the caveat of course that they could sound very different on other basses......first of all the gut/silver set:

    - they are designed for pizz only, easy on the fingers, low to medium tension and are close to Spirocores and Obligato's in thickness. They are thinner in diameter than the Golden Spiral G and D. They are very well constructed.

    - they take a v-e-r-y long time to stretch out. Even after three weeks they were still stretching.

    - they are very responsive and provided a nice pizz sound on my 1938 King plywood. I'm sure they would sound even better on a carved bass. The A string is very strong compared to other gut A strings I have used. I found the weakest string in terms of tone, was the E.

    Summary: I think this yet-to-be-named set will do a great job for players who like the sound of gut but don't like the maintenance that plain guts need. This set is a lot like many medium steel sets in terms of feel but lower in tension. They are roundwound and are still quite smooth but not quite as smooth as the Oliv's and Eudoxa's. If your bass is set up for steel strings you won't have to enlarge the nut or bridge notches.
    The set does not give the same full, dark sound that the Oliv's give. They are brighter than the Oliv's and Eudoxa's. There is also less "body" to them than the Oliv's and Eudoxa's.
    On my bass I would prefer the Spirocore Weich E but the G,D and A sound great...lots of response and a good gut sound. They provide the kind of sound I would want if I was a jazz player. They also sound great on my bass for bluegrass, folk, rockabilly (but I'm not sure how the windings would hold up if they are slapped a lot) and old country.

    I still don't know if Pirastro will decide to put these strings on the market. I hope they do because I think they will be ideal for many bass players.

    As for the nylon wrapped G string .....its the same size as the Golden Spiral G and looks identical except the colour is a little darker. It sounds the same as the Golden Spiral G. Pirastro was not clear about whether they are planning on making a G and D .....like the now defunct Golden Spirals.... or whether they will make a complete set. We'll have to see what they decide but if you like the Golden Spiral G you will love this one. Its beautifully made and sounds great.

    Even though these two lines of strings are not on the market yet it gives us an idea about what Pirastro is up to in the world of gut strings.

    I have no connection with Pirastro whatsoever, other than being a tester for the Obligato's when they first came out. I guess they send me strings to test because for a while I had a lot of questions about string tension and use.
    I'd be happy to answer any questions on or offline.

    Martin Chapman.

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