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  1. djaydjay


    Mar 14, 2010
    Reading a review of the orange terror bass 500, I noticed that it has a impedance switch that allows him to switch from 4 to 8 Ohm while still keeping the same wattage.

    Wouldn't that bring an amazing flexibilty*!? Never again will I have to ask myself "should I buy this cabinet in 4 ohm to play it alone or in 8 and hope to win the lottery to buy a 2nd one*?*" (FIY, i chose that 2nd option 2 years ago and I am since stuck with not using the whole power of my amp :scowl:)

    I had never seen such an switch on any amp to this day and am now wondering what other amp have it*?

    I did some search and so far have only found the Mesa M6. But that amp is way out of my price range (the orange terror is slightly above what I am willing to pay for my next amp).
    PS: and if I got that right, the mesa can only switch between 2 and 4 without loosing wattage
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    Mostly it's all tube amps that have it, for the OT (not exclusively, but that's generally where you'll see them).

    I wouldn't sweat not "getting all the power" from your amp. Doubling the power won't really buy you a whole lot in terms of pure dB / perceived volume. The flexibility is nice, as doubling your cab will buy you a big jump in perceived volume.
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    +1 "getting all the watts" from your amp is highly over rated. Adding more spkrs is the way to get louder.
  4. It's a "cute" idea and most likely a switch for the voltage rails feeding the class D poweramp module. Getting "all the watts" sounds much better looking at numbers. When making music not so much from amp power alone. Others don't do it as they may see it as more of a marketing gimmick and an invitation to failure if the incorrect load is attached.
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    The switch on the Orange bass terror just switches the point where the limiter kicks in to be more appropriate to those loads.
  6. So an amp that could output up to 800 watts with a 4 ohm load gets "limited" to 500 watts? NICE :meh: