Headstock/tuner screws falling out

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    Oct 18, 2012
    Was playing my Fender Jazz the other day and one of these had fallen out, attempted to screw it back in but it keeps turning so the hole is likely stripped. And it now vibrates quite a bit when playing. The previous owner definitely put this thing through a lot so I'm not surprised.

    What are my options to remedy this? Would some loctite be a good or bad idea?

    Picture isn't my bass, but just so you get the idea of which screws I'm talking about:
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    Stick a piece of toothpick dipped in old fashioned wood glue, not epoxy, not Gorilla (too messy to clean up) in there and reinstall the screw while the glue is wet. Wipe up any extra that squeezes out with damp paper towel.

    The object is to replace the chewd out wood with as litlle intervention as possible. The above is the best method.
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    Feb 18, 2018
    Yep or CA.
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    ^^^^ Definitely this!
  5. Sound advise. Personally I would leave the glue to dry then cut off the toothpicks flush with a craft knife.

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    Always re-introduce the screws while the glue is wet. It causes the toothpick to deform and fill the void(s) where the thread has been compromised. The repair is invisible if done in this manner.

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    Yeah. Pre-trim the tothpick before gluing in and scew wet. The glue and pick fills all voids from the pressure when the screw is put in, making a casting of the screw threads: effectively creating a threaded insert.

    Remember this method. It has been discussed at least every couple of weeks on TB. Consider the theory and rationale behind it. Realize it is true....

    And stop letting the glue dry first! :D