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Headsup: live fusion mp3s (Miles, RTF, Herbie, etc)

Discussion in 'Recordings [BG]' started by DaveBeny, Apr 13, 2003.

  1. DaveBeny


    Mar 22, 2000
    London, UK
    Just thought I'd mention this cool website, to any other jazz-funk/fusion fans, http://www.darkfunk.com/latest_shows/ - some very cool live fusion concerts available for download - none of this stuff is commercially available. The available material changes regularly: right now I'm listening to Herbie Hancock's Headhunters (Kansas 16/1/1974) - very cool! (no longer available on the site though). Last night I got a complete concert by Miles Davis' 1975 band (scorching!).

    Sound quality of these recordings is variable - they are bootleg audience recordings, but are worth checking out if you're a big fusion fan (like me!)
  2. Josh Ryan

    Josh Ryan - that dog won't hunt, Monsignor. Supporting Member

    Mar 24, 2001
  3. watspan


    Nov 25, 2002
    madison, wi
    I'll bet Paul Jackson is percolatin' up a storm on that '74 HH:D