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healthy music

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by clammit l82, Apr 26, 2002.

  1. For about the past month I've gone through one of those phases that you get once in a while where you change the style of music you want to listen to. I love ALL music, and have cd's of all sorts of genres, but what I mainly will listen to is pop punk (midtown, mest, mxpx, ect). Anywho, lately I've been popping in my old cd's of korn, chilli peppers, guns and roses, and black sabbath. Listening to their pretty cool basslines, I've been wondering how much better of a player I could be if I was listening to this stuff while I first started playing bass. The anology I might use would be this: while first starting out playing bass (or any other istrument for that matter) you're like a newly born child; picking up and learning whatever you hear. If you were in my case, and began while in a phase of pop punk, then thats all you will know, which in my opinion, is a bad thing because I despise 90% of all their basslines. However I am a very versitile player. I am very thankful that i did have a knowledge of all types of music. What I'm trying to do here is get a message out to anyone just starting to be opened minded in terms of music. As for me, I've only been playing for a year and a half so theres time. I'm hereby putting myself on a healthy music diet.
  2. Its a funny thing, I try to stay pretty eclectic. I used to eclectic meant punk/ska/hardcore. But, as time went on and I met more people, I came in contact with more genres of music. Over the pass year I've purchased techno, jazz, classic, experiemental/avant-garde/whatever, as well as tons of "noise-punk"-ish albums. I think the thing it, no matter how eclectic you think your collection is, there's always some new thing over the horizon that you'll be completely blown away by.

    People also a big role in the music I listen to; I've made friends with people who like a certain kind of music, then I got into it, then I met other people who liked this music, and I've introduced them to music I liked. I think the more you open your mind, the more you'll be intrigued by the pieces of music that's been created, you'll also meet tons of new and interesting people.
  3. frankencow150

    frankencow150 Guest

    Oct 17, 2001
    Yeah Bigwig,I used to listen to punk/ska/hardcore only.Now i listen to that and also listen to hard rock,some jazz,and funk-rock.

    I'm really into TooL now,I like Primus and the chili peppers,and Miles Davis rules.

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