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hear of player WILL ACKERMAN? listen here!

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by steelstrings76, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. steelstrings76


    Nov 16, 2004
    whats up guys. just on board postin about this artist I picked up the other day. His name is WILL ACKERMAN. My friend at universal music was able to get me copy of it. I know he has been around for years, but is fairly new to me. Hes got some unique style, skill, and very experienced sounding.

    listen here and tell me what you think!

    The Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter
  2. Whafrodamus


    Oct 29, 2003
    Andover, MA
    ... Why in Mike's name did you post this on the strings board?
  3. Flatwound

    Flatwound Supporting Member

    Sep 9, 2000
    San Diego
    Uh, you mean about the music? Or about posting about acoustic guit*r music in the strings forum on a bass board?

    Actually, the music's very nice, just seems like a strange post.
  4. hmm..
    1) Registered 11-16-04.
    2) Profile not filled out.
    3) Post of Gu*tar music that he "just picked up"in the Strings forum of all places

    me smells gigspam.
  5. steelstrings76


    Nov 16, 2004
    i do play the bass matter of fact....
    i just wanted to spread the word about my music thats in my player, and bc he is an awesome guitarist that i wouldnt mind playing my bass to. i mean....i just like his music and thought you guys might too...thats all. so i put a link for you to hear.

    sorry again for offending annyone.