Heart Bleed Bug

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    Nov 13, 2007
    Hi all,
    first of all, my English is very limited,
    secondly I'm not 'that very 'techy' guy' so I can't explain this...


    I see in the internet, and maybe you notice it too, there is now something bad that they called "Heart Bleed Bug"..
    Some bugs in the security system (SSL and alike) in the internet that can be used by bad people in the internet to steal somebody important secret personal data like user name password etc.

    Be careful. Me myself still am reading and learning about it (oh my poor old brain LOL) and haven't know much about it. But IMHO there's nothing to lose to be careful.

    You can googling it yourself,..don't ask me what is it...

    for example:
    here: (first people that gave it the name of the bug)

    or..I'm reading here now:


    so I know that here is the site to test:
    You can put the url of the sites you have been using here to test if they are currently effected

    And after test talk bass.com there,.. I got this..


    So beware and be careful ...

    OK I hope Administrators/TBers who have knowledge can explain it better now please..

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