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SOLD Heartfield DR4 MIJ at Fujigen Gakki (The Poor Man's Alembic / Wal by Fender!)

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by rogerbmiller, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. rogerbmiller

    rogerbmiller Gold Supporting Member

    Sep 16, 2003
    New York
    For sale is a 1988 Heartfield DR4 in excellent condition. This one has reverse redburst finish The bass was made in Japan at the legendary Fujigen factory.

    I wasn't planning to list this as I collect Heartfields, but I have a few 4 strings and have decided that I want to find a 5 string version of this bass so in order to be prepared for when one turns up, I am listing this one.

    Now, I affectionately, and accurately call these basses "the poor man's Wal" because they incorporate filter-based active electronics, like the Wal. Perhaps poor man’s Alembic is more fitting because there is only one filter control. But that growly Wal mojo is there either way!

    Activate the toggle switch to go from regular active electronics to the filter-based mode. I recorded several tracks on my college band's CD using the six-string version of this bass, and indeed you can hear the Wal-like growl for a fraction of the cost, which is exactly why I started playing these basses in the early 90's as a college student. Today, I own several Wal basses, yet I have never given up on my Heartfields, and I actually play them more than my Wals. They are more ergonomic, lighter, and easier to play. My Heartfields are simply among my favorite basses!

    These basses were conceived in the late 80's at the Fujigen factory. They were developed in collaboration with Fender and Fujigen for Fender to be able to better compete in the "design-forward" market where they were losing badly to Ibanez and other foreign companies/manufacturers who departed from traditional designs in favor of creating more contemporary instruments.

    As a result, these basses have many unique "design-forward" features. In addition to the unique electronics, this bass has a "Tri-lam" neck. Tri-lam means that in addition to the usual neck and fingerboard "layers" to the neck, there is a third layer, a laminate of graphite in between. This was meant to give the best of both worlds-- the organic tone of wood with some of the benefits of graphite such as reduced "dead spots." You can see the graphite woven fibers at the headstock as they emerge from under the finger board. Very cool.

    These basses are also very light weight and balance quite well. Ergonomically speaking, these are among my favorite basses to play. Nice thin neck profile too. Very fast action if you want it as you can get the strings nice and low.

    String spacing is nice and wide, and the pickups are two noiseless jazz style pickups made by EMG for Heartfield.

    For more info and history, check out this cool fan site Heartfield Central

    This bass is in very good condition. Only issues are a little wear near the access point to get to the truss rod, and some of the chrome is coming up at the edges of the bridge where it meets the body. As you can see in the pics, these issues are hard to spot and of course they do not affect sound or function. Also, the knobs are the original and now very rare Fender Elite rubber grip knobs but the caps are missing and one of the knobs is missing the rubber skirting.

    My asking price is $SOLD shipped, CONUS only. Add $25 for shipping to MST or PST time zones. If you have any questions or want to make a best offer, please PM me. I much prefer to do a cash sale here but as mentioned I am looking for a stock Heartfield DR5 so if you are looking to trade with cash thrown in form my side, that would work.

    Slide show below. Thanks for looking.

    Heartfield DR4 Red Slideshow by Roger Miller

    Last edited: Jul 5, 2016
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  2. Quadzilla

    Quadzilla Supporting Member

    Best seller ever! And I must resist GAS on this one...............
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