SOLD Heavily Modified Vintage Squier Fretless Jazz Bass

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    Feb 13, 2013
    Near new condition, I am the second owner of this bass as the first owner did all of the upgrades himself. Bass sounds and looks incredible with the Bad Ass Bridge, hipshot tuners, drop in Nordstrand Noise Cancelling Pickups and Audere preamp! Honestly the best pairing for a bass mod for pickups and electronics IMO. With all the add ons, the bass weighs in at about 9.5 pounds.

    The set of strings that are currently on this bass are GHS Progressives 35-95. It is set at a fairly low action for enough “Mwah”. Here are the specs of this bass:
    • Agathis body
    • Polyurethane body finish
    • Jazz Bass body shape
    • "C" Shape maple neck
    • Vintage Tint Gloss neck finish
    • 34" (864 mm) Scale
    • Fretless Ebonol fingerboard
    • Synthetic bone string nut
    • Nordstrand Noise Cancelling Pickups
    • Audere Pro JZ3 VB 2B preamp Volume/Blend detent/Bass & Treble stack Z-Mode 3 way toggle switch
    • SS pickup configuration
    • Leo Quan Bad Ass II Bridge
    • Chrome hardware finish
    • Hipshot tuning machines

    If you’d like to read up more information on Audere here’s the link to the actual preamp that’s on this bass: Pro JZ3 VB 2B Chrome

    Reason for selling, I only needed it for a couple of songs and since I’ve fulfilled that goal it’s been untouched ever since. I’m not one to hold onto things so I’d like to sell this to someone that will play this bass as intended. Bass will ship in an SKB hardcase.

    I am not looking to do any trades at the moment. I am content with my other basses for now, thank you. For offers please send them my way, low ballers will be left on read.

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    Feb 13, 2013
    Some more detailed photos!

    Fretless.jpg Fret.jpg

    Fretless for sale.jpg

    Less.jpg Back.jpg Nut.jpg Back Less.jpg

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    Feb 13, 2013
    Reduced to $600.

    $200 off original price, eagerly waiting to be shipped off to a new owner!