Heavy Chromes on a Jazz Neck

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  1. TeeAre


    Oct 16, 2011
    Pittsburgh, PA
    A while back, I replaced the neck on my old Squier Precision with a Fender Highway One Jazz neck. The strings I've been using on this bass are D'Addario Chomes (Medium, 50-105).

    I have heard that slimmer necks may be prone to bending to the weight of heavier strings.

    Should I be concerned with having these strings on a Jazz neck?

    Any information, experience, or links to previous threads I may have overlooked would be greatly appreciated.

  2. As long as the truss rod is functioning properly, I wouldn't worry.
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  3. molteni


    Oct 31, 2009
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    I wouldn't, especially with that Highway one neck, 06 and later years had the graphite reinforced necks. Had a 06 Precision Highway One, super nice necks American made.
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  4. tjh


    Mar 22, 2006
    What year is the Hwy 1/One neck?

    ... as molteni mentions, July of '06 the transition was made from Hwy 1 to One, and the later heel adjust truss rod necks with the Posi-Flex rods are a little heftier profile than the earlier Hwy 1's … the early '06 necks were in essence the same as the MIM Standard profiles, with headstock adjust truss rod and no Posi-Flex rods …

    50-105 flats should not be a problem with either necks, unless there is already an issue with excessive relief or no truss rod adjustment left … I have seen a few of the early Hwy 1 Jazz necks with maxxed truss rod, but nothing that couldn't be corrected ...
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  5. TeeAre


    Oct 16, 2011
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Serial number is Z8 xxxxxx, so it's at least a 2008. I knew about some of the differences between the early and later models, but did not know they changed the neck (for the better, it sounds like).

    The truss rod is not maxed by any means. In fact, when I brought the bass out of storage after a few years, the neck was in a backbow (I have no idea how it happened). When I first put the strings on, most of my concern came from having tighten the truss a few times. After things settled, I haven't had to make a single adjustment to the neck, though I do check the relief on the bass more than my other instruments.

    I think the stronger truss is making a big difference here, though -- I don't know if I'd try it on a MIM or other less reinforced jazz neck, though I'd love to know if anyone has.
  6. My Jazz is a stock Highway One from 2008 with a graphite reinforced neck, which has the truss rod access at the heel of the neck (vs. at the headstock). Bought it new in 2009. The neck has been very stable all through the years.