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  1. barroso


    Aug 16, 2000
    yesterday i went to a big superstore. i was there to buy something to eat. but taking a look around i realized with much surprise that everything was quite ready for Xmas. lights shiny red painted balls, Big smiling santas all the way and all of that stuff. i'm not really into the religious meaning of the Xmas, nor i live that day in a commercial way. i was raised in a family where pricey gifts are very rare to be honest i'm still waiting for the first one.... but for a moment i stared thinking to make myself a gift. i dont have money to do that, but i fantasize a little bit. you know, dreams are for free!
    here, in well articulated disorder, the list of things my brain realizes good for my dirty plasures:

    gallien krueger mb 150 combo (the one without chorus)
    a warmoth replica of the '51 p bass but with SD quarter pound SC pickup and massive bridge
    epiphone jack casady bass in gold finish
    pedulla MVP pentabuzz
    my SSD ns5cr back
    an octaver pedal
    an ashdown preamp
    ashdown mag 4x10 cabinet which is the only one i really need.