Hell Yeah and the Maybes! at a Rich guy's house

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  1. House partys are always fun and this one was no exception. My friend's extravagant mansion is way out by the lake however. We packed it up in the Texas heat and headed out there and setup for a 6 PM downbeat. First set noone was really in there -mostly out at the pool. However we had a captive audience since the kitchen was there. Lots of food in there i didnt take pics of (sorry Dbase) mainly cause I didnt eat any until later and by then it was just grilled chicken and pretzels. Right before we start I had a coke (i never drink cokes) and i can add this to my list of thinks not to ingest before a gig. The corn syrup stuck straight in my throat impending my range. Another thing is my band mates are increasingly drifting to dad band land with their dress so i got to reighn it in here with a discussion. Going to be hard since the guitarist is a sort of Charlie Brown character with his hawaiin shirts. So all in all i give our performance a B-. Of course everyone says we are the greatest thing since The Beatles -blah blah blah -LOL. I broke my hiatus from drinkin after the gig and got in the pool with the girls after the gig. Now THAT was funn! -No pics of that -Vegas rules ;)
    Bander.jpg Bander.jpg fans.jpg fans2.jpg House.jpg house2.jpg Bander.jpg fans.jpg fans2.jpg House.jpg house2.jpg
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  2. BassCliff


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    Hi James,

    Partay! :D

    So you decided to play indoors where it was cool. I think I would have also. Then again, maybe not. ;)

    Did Adrian go ampless again? Or is that some kind of tilt-back unit is see beside him? I know I like to go ampless when I can. I'm getting lazy in my old age.

    I would recommend a diet of coffee and water before the gig. I like to wait at least an hour after eating before I play. But then, it depends on the kind of gig. For a house party I'd probably let my hair down a little. You don't want to offend the host, right? ;)

    Thanks for the pictures! It looks like many fun units were disbursed.

    Thank you for your indulgence,

  3. McG

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    Hey James. Cool house for a party. I like playing house parties in big, high ceiling rooms. Haven't done one in many years though.

    I'm glad I don't sing. No worries ever about what I drink or when I eat. :D

    I was drifting towards dad band land myself ten years ago. Seeing the photos made me right the ship on my own. :thumbsup:

    As long as the party attendees thought you were great then it was a success. :)
  4. Tony In Philly

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    Looks like you all had a fun time! Pretty ladies too!
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  5. Bassed in NZ

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    That looks like rock’n’roll! Got any video? If you sound half as good as you look you’d be killing it! I’m playing a 50th birthday party in a big house on Saturday - love people that know how to throw a party!
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  6. dbase

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    I'm pretty sure there was food there although I didn't see any evidence of it ... Rich people have to eat too. ;)
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  7. That is actually Andrew on the bass now. Adrian had to drop out due to his family and not really wanting to play downtown. I miss that cat -he was the best bass player I have ever played with. Andrew (still quite good) is playing through the PA. That is a monitor back there with him. He gets a good sound on the pedals -even has a fuzzy extra guitar sound on "Rock you like a Hurricane". Where I believe he is going to shine is he can also play some keys.
    @Bassed in NZ We do have video on our web -taken by a guy with a phone. I got some more on my video i may get later when I get unlazy. Another thing i forgot that Cliff reminded me of -right before i went on i stuck a piece of chicken drummy in mah face. Man what was I thinkin?? Also i discovered later in the 3rd set vocal sound was too quiet. One of my guitarist's friends who plays in band rushed up and was like "turn up the vocals: BAM! It was like the easy button came on. *shrugs* oh well you live and learn. Many more girls were here will try to post up some pics. ;)
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  8. BassCliff


    May 17, 2012
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    Hi James,

    Sorry, yes, I remember meeting Andrew. I just couldn't remember his name. Duh. He plays keys too? Hmmm. Sounds like you might need a bass player. ;)

    Thank you for your indulgence,

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    I expected to see you banging a 4 stringer but you're rocking the mic! You definitely define "not-Dad-band" but yeah, the other cats not so much.
    Looks like a fun time.
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  10. I am a rare thing on TalkBass -a singer. My bass playing is less than good at best.
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  11. Oh yeah -one of the after party! i am in the back with the funny look on my face!