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Hello, and a question

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by rjg, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. First of all, hello. I'm new here, just having registered last night in anticipation of the arrival of my 4003, which came via UPS this morning.

    I've been playing bass since 1985, starting with a '77 4001 and a Fender P-bass, whose year I never learned (probably 70s as well). I was in a sort of Mod band for a few years, then dropped out of music altogether.

    I bought a used Japanese Jazz bass back in 1991, and have been playing it through a small practice amp for ten years, and because my new fiancee is actually into my playing an instrument, I was given permission to pick myself up a brand-new midnight blue 4003.

    Anyway, my question. My fiancee is interested in learning to play bass as well (she's played piano and clarinet in the past), but her hands aren't very big--maybe 2/3 the size of mine. Can you all recommend a good starter bass for her?


  2. The Hofner Beatle bass or one of it's many knock offs. I know Danelectro's basses are medium register size. So either one of those would be better for some one with smaller hands.
  3. A good ol fashion Made In Mexico Fender Jazz should do the trick!

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