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Hello--belated introduction

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by gustavosal, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I slipped into posting before introducing myself, and thought I'd remedy that.

    I grew up in Portland, Oregon. I've been playing bass since 1982, when I was 16. I was already a competent saxophonist at the time, but I really wanted to play rock, and I gave up my efforts to be a serious saxophonist when I was 20.

    My first bass was a no-name Japanese J-clone. I had a fretless Gibson Ripper somewhere in there, then traded that in 1983 for an Ibanez Musician that I still have. I got that bass at a store in Portland called Captain Whizeagle, which was owned by the folks who played in the Rats and later Dead Moon, for any punk/garage fans. It was a great time to be getting into rock in Portland, with bands like the Wipers, the Neo-Boys, and Poison Idea playing all over.

    I played in bands in college, at Oberlin College in Ohio. A lot of the people I played with there are still at it full time, making great music.

    In 1989 I moved back to Portland and played in a series of bands there, traveling up and down the West Coast and doing a bit of recording. The last band I played in in Portland made a few records and toured the US a couple of times, eventually signing to Virgin records and then disintegrating. I was the first one to go, leaving the band after negotiating the deal with Virgin but before signing it.

    For a few years after that I didn't play my bass at all. Then I moved to Austin, Texas, to get a PhD, and while I was there I played in a Brazilian group and did some other things, including a little recording. Then I got my PhD, got a job, and moved to Lansing, Michigan. Here I play with some other professors once a week, and I just joined a psychedelic band from Detroit. I also got a new bass for the first time since 1983, a Stingray.

    So that's my story. I've had a lot of fun with the forums so far, learned a lot, and seen a lot of really nice basses. Thanks to you all.

    Brandt Peterson (gustavosal)
  2. welcome to the family

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